Do you want to cool your interior rooms on hot days, without investing in major equipment? A wall-mounted air conditioner allows you to regulate the temperature by bringing fresh air to your home. Type of air conditioner, cost, power… Here is everything you need to know on the subject.

Wall-mounted air conditioner: what is it exactly?

A wall-mounted air conditioner is an air conditioning system that has three elements: an indoor unit, which attaches to the wall, an outdoor unit and a remote control. It cools the indoor air by capturing the calories and then evacuating them into the outdoor air. But it also has a function of filtration and dehumidification of the ambient air.

This installation has many advantages. Its coefficient of performance (COP) is between 4 and 5, which indicates excellent energy efficiency. In addition, it is compact and economical. Not to mention the various control functions that allow you to adapt the use of the device to your needs, ideal for controlling your energy consumption. The only downside to wall-mounted air conditioner is that they can be noisy – check their noise level before you buy!

How to choose a wall-mounted air conditioner?

To know what type of device to choose, you first need to know if you want a classic wall-mounted air conditioner or a reversible air conditioner. Reversible air conditioning has a heating function. By diffusing hot air, it can therefore act as additional heating !

Air Conditioner

The majority of these air conditioning systems are mono split, but you can also opt for models with additional modules, in order to air condition several rooms. The power of the air conditioning system is also to be taken into account: while 2.5 kW will be sufficient for a room of 10 to 30 square meters, it will be necessary to provide 5 kW beyond 40 square meters.

Price and installation :

Wondering what is the price of a wall mounted air conditioning system? For a power between 2 and 2.5 kW, you will have to count between 1,300 and 1,700 euros. Between 4.5 and 6 kW, prices are between 3,500 and 5,000 euros (and air conditioning units are less silent, being able to emit up to 30 decibels). In addition, the electricity bill is around 200 euros per year for small models. What about the air conditioning installation ? You can turn to a ready-to-install device, but it is advisable to use a certified installer .

A refrigeration engineer is authorized to handle refrigeration fluids and will accompany you from the choice of equipment to its commissioning and maintenance. It takes between 70 and 200 euros per year for the annual maintenance. In addition, you benefit from financial advantages. You will understand: buying a wall-mounted air conditioner allows you to improve your thermal comfort and save money. By opting for reversible models, you benefit from both a heating and air conditioning function.

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