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“It is possible for everyone to enter into himself and saturate the mind with inner happiness, with that unlimited pure intelligence that dwells at the source of thought.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

What is Transcend Health?
Transcend health

When we practice Transcend Health we experience a state in which the mind is completely silent as well as fully conscious. Transcend Health allows, naturally and spontaneously, to transcend, to dive inward beyond thought and thus experience the most peaceful and settled state of mind and body, described as an alert in rest or pure awareness. The deep inner relaxation experienced during the transcending process has immediate and lasting benefits for the individual.

Transcend Health means going beyond. When the mind goes beyond all activity. It is about the experience of the inner Self, which is perfect peace, Transcendental Consciousness.

A state of pure consciousness

Transcend health

To use an analogy, the mind is like the ocean: constantly moving on the surface, but silent and infinitely powerful in its depths. Transcend Health involves effortlessly settling in the silent depths of the ocean, recharging yourself by that limitless state of pure awareness. As the mind quiets down, the breath becomes very smooth and the muscles deeply relax. The mind sits within, beyond thought, at the quietest, calmest level of consciousness, our innermost self.

Transcend Health compare to other techniques

Transcend health

The ability to transcend makes Transcend Health fundamentally different from all other techniques.

Other techniques involve either concentration, (by controlling the mind or attention) or contemplation, (an active thought process of some kind). As a result, these other types keep the mind active which hinders the process of transcending.

Benefits of Transcend Health

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  • Inner Peace: A Mind-Body Experience
The deep rest experienced during Transcend Health relaxes the body and allows it to release accumulated stress and fatigue.

When the nervous system is less tense, it can react more calmly to the problems that arise. It is not enough to affirm yourself to inner peace. You have to experience it on the physiological level.

Experience natural calm

By incorporating the calming experience of Transcend Health into your daily routine, inner peace easily grows. The natural tendency of the mind is towards more happiness and peace. During the practice of Transcend Health, this process occurs naturally and automatically.  

  • Transcend Health Reduces stress naturally. The most effective technique for a stress-free life.
Stress in life is a fact – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Everyone is aware of the negative effects of stress. It decreases performance, damages relationships, and causes physical exhaustion. In short, it limits the enjoyment of life. On the other hand, it tends to accumulate in the system throughout life. Even a good night’s sleep or a long vacation does not allow for complete elimination of it.

Creating a balanced perspective

Plasma cortisol is a stress hormone. The study shows that plasma cortisol decreased during Transcend Health, while it did not change significantly during normal relaxation practice.

There may or may not be things we can do outwardly to rearrange our lives to help reduce stress. Whether or not this option is possible, internally Transcend Health, really eliminates the effects of stress on a physiological level. When practiced regularly, this translates to a more balanced perspective, more energy, motivation, and a deeper appreciation for things.

And increase the ability to handle stressful situations

Because each person is different, the balancing effects of Transcend Health can bring different benefits to different people, such as fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy, or improved relationships. However, one of the benefits that most people share is that after learning Transcend Health, they can better handle stressful situations.

  • Transcend Health, and Health

Many doctors and health professionals practice Transcend Health, themselves, and recommend it to their patients.

You can read questions and answers from doctors to a wide range of medical issues throughout these pages. Randomized controlled trials directly comparing Transcend Health, with other programs have found it to be more effective in achieving relaxation and sustained reduction of stress hormones in daily life, and in promoting a long and healthy life in the long run. term.

  • Anxiety Reduction

A natural solution to relieve anxiety and depression. Both anxiety and depression are rampant, and yet a very simple solution may be at hand.
Transcend Health is an easy and natural technique that can help end the vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Scientific research has shown that the special quality of rest obtained by Transcend Health settles the mind and body and decreases the nervous reaction to stress. Consequently, many of the symptoms that can be experienced, including worry, panic attacks, bipolar changes, social anxiety, and phobia, diminish, and can become a thing of the past.

If the symptoms are the result of discouraging or stressful situations or circumstances, or if it seems as if they have always been there, the regular, long-term practice of Transcend Health helps to effectively cope with anxiety and depression.

  • Transcend Health is the foundation of Enlightenment

Normally, we experience throughout the day, the busy level of everyday active thinking. When we practice Transcend Health we experience a state in which the mind is completely silent, but at the same time, very awake.

Transcending means “going beyond”, and this is the transcendental state: the mind goes beyond all activity. This is an experience of the inner Self, which is perfect peace.
Transcend Health is a natural and a universal experience, known in all cultures and yet rarely produced

The desire to know yourself and understand your connection to the universe is natural. For centuries, this has inspired saints and sages to look within for enlightenment. When most people ask about Transcend Health, what they are looking for are the simple.

Personal Learning Day Experience:

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“Without having expectations, I felt myself entering deeper and deeper levels of relaxation as if I was sinking into my chair. After some time, maybe a minute or a few minutes, I experienced an inner state of no thoughts, of silence. Just pure awareness and nothing else; then I became aware of my surroundings again. It left me with a deep sense of comfort, inner renewal, and happiness. “

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