Floor polishing is an indispensable step in their finishing. This effect allows you to improve the attractive appearance of the floor and its technological properties.

We will see how to floor polishing of different composition later.

Cement floor polishing are quite popular in modern construction. This is explained first by its dryness, smoothness, evenness and durability. Before polishing the floor, a sanding process is performed. The service life of the finished coating depends on the properties of this process.

Concrete floor polishing makes it possible to purchase a coating of the highest quality, similar to natural stone, but more wear-resistant and tough. So, the surface, apart from this, is resistant to peeling or flaking of concrete.

The main goal of grinding a cement floor is to obtain a completely flat surface, on which there are no cracks, chips or any kind of flaws. There are a couple of steps to sanding the surface. To carry them out, you will need special equipment with diamond and abrasive nozzles.

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There are two types of grinding:

  • Dry;
  • Wet.

The 1st option is more widespread, since it differs in the lighter technology of its production. Wet sanding involves the production of certain mosaic floors.

To polish self-leveling floors, you will need a grinding car with good performance and a diamond tool. The whole process of floor polishing a cement floor is divided into the following stages:

  • Removal from the floor surface of concrete a couple of cm wide;
  • Introduction of an impregnator that increases the durability of the cement base;
  • Polishing the surface until it shines.

If we consider the types of cement surfaces, then we highlight the following options:

  • Heavy concrete is divided into aerated and porous;
  • Lightweight concrete is characterized by coarse porosity and lack of sand;
  • A special version of concrete is not the uniqueness of cellular and sawdust-sandy.

Ultimately, the polished concrete surface has the highest resistance to mechanical action and has a mirror-like shine. In addition, the use of a polished cement floor has the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness of implementation;
  • The duration of operation;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Frost resistance;
  • Ease of maintenance.

In addition, at the end of the concrete floor polishing, it is subject to additional decoration – painting, painting. The scope of implementation for the floor is related to its use in public or residential premises. Much more often this type of floor is seen in nightclubs, cinemas, shops, shopping centers.

. There are two types of grinders:

  • Household purpose;
  • Experienced devices.

In the 2nd version of the equipment, a special planetary mechanism is used, the speed and productivity of its work is significantly higher than that of household devices. The principle of this mechanism is based on the operation of the disk on which the satellites are fixed. On the latter, diamond-coated nozzles are installed, which rotate in the opposite direction from the circle. Due to the fact that the circle makes super-complicated movements, the floor comes out completely flat and smooth.

In addition, the advanced equipment contains the function of the tool rotation speed option. In some models, there is a function of water supply and intake of slag, which appeared during grinding.

The efficiency of the work will be directly affected by the weight of the device itself, its increase, and the level of the floor grinding property increases. The cost of work with the use of an experienced car for floor polishing floors is significantly higher than with the use of household devices. But, the level of grinding properties corresponds to the cost of its implementation. More economical options for cars have only one diamond disc, they are smaller than the experienced devices.

Grinding and floor polishing the floor is done in a couple of steps. At first, all imperfections are removed from the surface and it is completely leveled. Remove all finishing from the worn-out coating. For this, you will need to have discs, the grain size of which creates 24-30. Just with the help of them it will be possible to remove the filler layer.

The second step of work involves the removal of various imperfections from the surface – deformation-shrinkage areas, cracks. For these purposes, an epoxy-based mastic is used.

At the 3rd step, the cement floor is directly polished. To begin with, go to grind the floor with rough nozzles, and then process it with compounds that make the concrete stronger.

Later, the surface treatment process is guided by means of discs with the highest grain size. In this particular step, the concrete is made very strong and tough. To give the base a perfect smoothness, it is polished.

Polishing is the final sanding of the cement base. It is with its help that it is possible to make a highly decorative surface. The tool for floor polishing a cement floor is smaller than a grinder. Based on this, it is used for polishing floors both in public premises and in small apartments.

The floor polishing process does not take much time compared to grinding. But, the cost of performing work with the use of professionals is the highest. These costs are fully paid off in operation, since a sanded and polished coating will serve its owners for more than 30 years.

purposes, milling equipment is used. Later, the process of removing all irregularities is directed.

The grinding process allows you to get rid of the top layer of concrete, which is the least strong if associated with the bottom. The sanding agent exposes the filler used in the pouring process.

Tip: All work on grinding and floor polishing the surface is carried out at least 20 days after the floor is poured.

The type of cutting element on the grinder is selected in relation to the type of concrete used to fill the floor.

If there is no special equipment for grinding, then it is possible to carry it out using special metal brushes. With such criteria, a grinder is used as an auxiliary element. Work is carried out on a completely dry cement floor.

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