Wedding rings  and  engagement rings are special jewelry that symbolizes mutual love and fidelity. They can be of various shapes and sizes, but necessarily made of gold, since it is this metal that is considered the standard of stability. Jewelry House “Venice of the North”  offers you a wide selection of products of its own production at very attractive prices!

 In our online store, you will find products made of 585 gold in a traditional, modern and exclusive design. Thanks to the impressive variety of jewelry, you can choose wedding rings to your liking – with diamonds, matting, BVLGARY style and other models.

Our wedding rings feature a comfortable fit, making your finger easy to bend even with a wide ring. You can make any changes in the model of finished rings – we will fulfill all your wishes! In addition, our craftsmen can make rings according to your design, decorating them with commemorative inscriptions and inserts.

engagement rings

 Decorations from the “Venice of the North” are real masterpieces of jewellery art, which are the embodiment of sophistication and taste. The use of high quality materials and modern technologies allows us to create unusual shapes and patterns, make elegant and at the same time very durable products. We are constantly updating our assortment to keep pace with the times and meet the requirements of our customers. 

These wedding rings are worn all their lives

Delightful wedding rings that become part of the most beautiful love stories. Wonderful reminder of the marriage vow and the memory of everything that has been experienced together. An impeccably crafted diamond engagement ring complements the engagement ring perfectly, yet charismatic enough to be worn on its own.


Spectacular jewelry attracts the attention of others and emphasizes the individuality of its owner. Do you want to give your loved one something original? The products of the Northern Venice Jewelry House are the best option for solving your problem! We offer high quality products of our own production at very reasonable prices!

Compliance with the trends of the modern market and the use of advanced technologies makes our products relevant and in demand. Are you interested in a women’s jewelry collection? Choose what you need! Rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, gemstone necklaces – the wide variety of styles will delight you! High-quality gold jewelry will be an exquisite addition to any woman’s wardrobe! Or maybe you want to choose something from the men’s jewelry collection? You will find in our catalog rings, seals, men’s rings, cufflinks, tie clips, pendants, which can become an effective accessory for your loved one!

Are you getting ready for your engagement or wedding? Pay attention to our engagement and wedding rings with diamonds, cubic zirconia, matte, BVLGARY style and other models! They will become a symbol of your love and loyalty for many years to come! Do you need crosses made of red and white gold? You can find beautiful products in our online store that combine original design and flawless decoration! We accept corporate orders for jewelry with your company logo or lettering.

Or maybe finished products will suit you? We have Kavis badges, with a pomegranate, a graduation ring of the FSB of the Russian Federation, a Lion medal! They can be effective advertising for your business! Are you interested in exclusive jewelry? Order a ring, medallion, pendant, earrings, amulet pendant or amulet! We make jewelry from assayed gold inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. These are real masterpieces of jewelry, created by our professional craftsmen.

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