The Optimization Score shows how much potential the Google Ads campaigns are using. Now it is also displayed for mobile access via the Google Ads App.

In an update to the Google Ads App , advertisers were given an edge to evaluate their campaigns. The Optimization Score, which was previously only accessible via desktop, is now available in the Google Ads App as well.  Advertisers can also make proposed changes directly mobile.

Google support pointed out that the Optimization Score is now available in the Google Ads App. This optimization factor should show how powerful a Google Ads account is currently. The value of the factor or score is between 0 and 100 percent, with 100 percent meaning that the maximum potential is exhausted. So far, this factor has only been displayed via desktop, but now also in the Google Ads App. In addition, he is only visible in active campaigns.

In addition to the score value, advertisers will also see recommendations that could improve the value; here will indicate how much a rework could raise the Optimization Score on a percentage basis. Google says:

If you accept or decline recommendations, the overall optimization of your account will change.

The fact that the score is now also available in the Google Ads App allows advertisers to be more flexible, and a meaningful change can be made quickly on the move. Since the optimization factor is calculated in real time, the results can be quickly recognized. In the Google Ads App, the campaigns with the highest priority for optimization can be identified and a change of keywords or the start of the Smart Bidding become an option.

Make full use of the optimization potential

Thanks to the function for displaying the optimization factor, certain relevant values ​​can be significantly increased. For example, Google has used the Google Ads app and Optimization Score to continually improve their own product promotion – and ultimately generate 30 times more traffic YoY.

If you also want to use the optimization potential, you can download the Google Ads App and navigate to the Recommendations Page there. With Google’s best practices, the app can be used for your own benefit. The Optimization Score is available at the campaign, account, and manager account levels. 

Not every recommendation has to be taken over, if it seems to be nonsensical. Nevertheless, the optimizer provides a viable option to initiate and read ad campaign enhancements; and now also quite convenient from anywhere with the Google Ads App.

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