Leaky faucet is a nightmare in the home, especially when you are going to use it and you cannot make the water flow stop, this problem is very frequent in homes and is a threat to the economy and the environment due to the waste of water. the vital liquid. In the following article we will give a series of tips to fix the water leaks present in our faucet.

leaky faucet

What should I do on my leaky faucet? How can I fix it?

The best way to try to solve this problem is to cut off the water supply from the network. This will immediately cut off the flow of water to prevent it from being wasted just like your money. If it is the hot water faucet that does not close, proceed to close the hot water unit. However, if the problem is the cold water faucet, you will need to close the general water inlet.

Steps to fix a leaky faucet

The main cause of a leaky faucet is usually worn faucet washers or spindles that need to be replaced, it is time to contact a professional unless you want to do a little job repairing your leaky faucet.

Naturally, the elements that make up a faucet do not work perfectly well, either because the necessary maintenance has not been carried out or because they have never been changed.

What if my faucet don’t work?

Of course, the problem also works the other way around sometimes, the faucet just don’t work. In this case, you will not have to worry about cutting off the water supply, as you will not waste precious water. The main cause of this failure is often the inner valve of the faucet handle and must be replaced. For a plumber, this job is easy and can be done in a very short time.

It is not very common for people to replace faucet spindles and washers, but they can be replaced at any time without the need for an expert. Just go to the nearest hardware store and take a sample of the replacement part with you.

Call a professional, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you are not sure how to go through the process or are not comfortable taking the faucets apart, calling in a professional is always your best option. Don’t worry because as problems arise, a clogged faucet is quite common and easy to solve. If you think a faucet is too complicated, especially when you can’t turn it off, trust a professional to fix the problem.

Faucet leaks can be an incredibly annoying experience, as well as totally wasteful. Fortunately, it’s a comparatively common household malfunction, so it’s not particularly difficult to repair. Most of us will experience a water leak at some point. There are numerous causes behind a water leak, so locating the source should be your first priority. You will be delighted to know that fixing it will not be too troublesome. Next we will give you some tips so that you can repair water leaks in your faucet.

How to repair a leaky faucet?

Start with the washers

Washers can sometimes be the source of your faucet leak. This is the most common problem in the types of faucet that are in the market and its solution is simply the replacement of the same, in the market there are standard washers that can serve your needs.

All are available in standard sizes, but be sure to replace your washer with the correct size or it will not work. When in doubt, take your washers to a store and ask them to provide a suitable replacement.

How to remove the washers and install a new one?

  • Turn off the water supply while you work and turn on the faucet to release any remaining water in the pipe. Put the plug in the sink so you don’t lose any of your work parts and equipment down the drain.
  • Remove the faucet cap with a screwdriver to expose the hidden screw. The screws can be placed in slightly different places depending on your faucet, but they will normally be next to the hot and cold water faucets.
  • Loosen the screw to remove the handle and attach a cloth to make sure not to scratch the shiny finish of the faucet. Using the wrench, you can unscrew the cap from the faucet, remove the harness, and you will see a large body washer, an O-ring, and a start valve.
  • The bypass valve will come off effortlessly on its own, but you will have to replace the body washer, o-ring, and replace the cap and stem once you have done so. Now you can turn on the main water faucet and see if your leak has been repaired.

What if the faucet keeps dripping?

If after following the steps, you still have a leaky faucet, the logical thing to do is call a professional. You may need to reseal your faucet, which you can do yourself by purchasing a reseal kit. If you feel lost or lack the knowledge to repair it, calling in an expert will get things back to normal quickly and effectively so you can regain your sanity and avoid wasting water.

Call the professionals!

Maybe you just don’t have the time to try to solve the problem yourself – not many of us do! If this is the case, leave this job to a professional plumber, who can surely solve the problem of a leaky faucet in less than an hour.

Remember that while a leaky faucet is annoying, it usually doesn’t take much to repair and can be done easily and without much effort.

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