Summer is indeed here, the sun and the heat are there. The temperature is already on the rise and a high intensity heatwave air conditioning has already been announced in several departments of France. How to deal with hot weather, especially when you have small children or elderly people at home? Obviously, you have to find ways to cool the air in your home. The use of is a good option especially if you opt for an economical and ecological model, which is the case of the heat pump (PAC). Find out why and how to install it!

Why equip yourself with air conditioning in summer?

The installation of an air conditioning is undoubtedly the ideal solution to fight against the strong heat which rages at the moment.

The Role Of Air Conditioning In Summer :

It is a cold production system. The equipment can cool the indoor air, which guarantees pleasant indoor comfort, when the outdoor temperature is too high. Note that its use dates back to antiquity. At the time, the Romans used Canadian or Provençal wells. Currently, several more modern air conditioning systems are available on the market.

air conditioning
Air Conditioning

Installation Of Air Conditioning In Summer :

Installing air conditioning is not a trivial task. It should begin with a thermal balance that will identify the type of equipment suitable for your home. This task will be entrusted to an specialist or a refrigeration engineer. The professional’s mission will be to determine the power of the air conditioning to be installed.

To carry it out, he must take into account various parameters, namely: the size of the glazed surfaces, the climate of the region where the dwelling is located, the volume of the rooms to be cooled, the quality of the floor insulation, the number of inhabitants and type of lighting. Thanks to this assessment, you will avoid installing inefficient air conditioner, that is to say, which will operate in overspeed. This can significantly increase energy consumption. The installation of the chosen will be entrusted to a professional. In addition, there are several regulations to be observed, especially if the operation risks modifying the general appearance of the building. On this point, it is imperative to refer to the co-ownership regulations if you are concerned.

The Different Types Of Air Conditioning For The Summer :

The market currently offers a wide range of air conditioning. To begin with, we will talk about monobloc air conditioners. They consist of a single unit and they are made to cool the air of a small area since their power remains low. Their asset is their mobility and ease of installation. The Split air conditioner, on the other hand, is more efficient. It has an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit by a duct. Finally, we must talk about reversible also known under the name of heat pump . It is very interesting and it is the most recommended model.

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