From comfort to precision there is a primary distinction: protection. Today it is very difficult for us to consider having to open our garage door manually. Over the years, the use of garages has significantly increased, ceasing to be a whim to being something necessary and infallible for our home, business … etc.

The automatic garage doors have many benefits. The cost will vary depending on the engine model, the type of closure, the material as well as the degree of independence and the probable alternatives.

We have to bear in mind that our automatic door, regardless of the brand, the manufacturer, or the installer, over time, will experience damage and deterioration that will need to be repaired. In the same way, a set-up and perfect assistance will make the useful life of our garage door longer or not and we will have more or less problems.

When maintenance is done on automatic garage doors

Maintenance and repairs are the two basic alternatives to combat the wear and tear of time. However, are all maintenance and repairs equally effective? The answer is, No!

All automatic doors require assistance and not all are the same, so it will depend on your procedure and components. The maintenance must have an ideal frequency depending on the conditions, since intense handling will reduce the times between one inspection and another.

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The garage door installer will certainly account for periodic maintenance services. The frequency of the visits will depend on the use and the model you put.

Their verification is as important as that maintenance is the responsibility of a technical company such as Garage Doors 4u, with a specific team, used to treating and preserving the failures that these devices can cause. Our experts also have the benefit of being aware of a hundred door models and brands of the most important manufacturers, which gives them extra preparation and experience when facing a breakdown.

Our specialists in automatic doors assure you of a quality service, guarantee and full security. In addition to making sure about the good mechanical work, they will also examine a section as essential as safety, making possible the necessary progress for its implementation and presenting the CE certification, increasing the model of quality, safety and energy economy of the door.

Depending on the type of door, do not forget that it is essential that your door has the necessary safety precautions to avoid collisions, shearing, dragging, cutting or entrapment, and in the event of an incident these types of systems are up to date to secure the client protection.

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Usual recommendations for the maintenance of the garage door

  • Avoid dirt: In addition to leaves and garbage around your garage door, it can agglomerate excess grease and dust that will stain it not only on the outside but could endanger the devices that move the door. Get in touch with the Garage Doors 4u Technical Service in Newcastle, so that they can provide you with all the necessary recommendations.
  • Grease the door: The liquid grease spray administered every two months is essential to keep the door in an impeccable condition. A technician will be able to provide the exact amount to provide the benefits of this act without any inconvenience. Be cautious because applying in abundance can be as counterproductive as a lack, so it is preferable to apply it in small quantities.
  • Beware of humidity: Supervise that there are no areas where water or humidity can enter the motor. Changes in temperature and the passage of time deteriorate the connections in motors, control panels and photocells. To prevent this, regularly analyze all electrical circuits, checking for cracks or fissures. If there are, you can request information in case you can seal them with silicone or, on the contrary, indicate how to proceed.

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