The ‘Transport Training and Licensing’ section contains all information regarding licensing and training for crew, maintenance personnel and ATC, as well as the fundamentals of aviation medicine and medical certificates. All information relating to the training centers is also available.

In the civil aviation sector, differ training and refresher courses are given by bodies responsible for training, authorized and regularly checked by the FOCA. Below is the main information on the ent training courses, the lists of training organizations and the terms of the FOCA exams.

Transport Training

Professional transport training

Those wishing to complete a professional pilot, flight instructor and aircraft technician education will be able to submit a request for transport training financial aid. Financial aid will be awarded annually to the maximum number of candidates necessary to cover the needs of Swiss civil aviation in the respective professional category.

Financial contributions are intended only for candidates who are proposed by a Swiss aeronautical company with a view to subsequent recruitment. Those who offer the best guarantees of successfully completing transport training and providing good job performance will benefit from financial aid.

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