Matte Wedding Rings White Gold with Diamonds

Matte wedding rings

Wedding rings made of matte metals are rapidly entering wedding fashion, replacing the classic glossy options.

Shining jewelry is not always appropriate in everyday life, unlike the aristocratic calm shine of matte surfaces, and it is customary not to take off an engagement jewelry and wear it 24 hours a day.

At the same time, you should not think that such accessories are too simple and boring – any decor looks much more interesting on them than on smooth counterparts. To give gold or silver a matte finish, they are treated with chemical compounds, laser, or even ordinary jewelry brushes or quartz particles.

A good craftsman is able to offer a variety of surface options: from the most natural roughness, Wedding rings wonderfully fitting into an informal style, to the effect of scattered precious sand. Most often, matte rings are made quite wide, but if you wish, you can neglect this rule, because a thin elegant rim looks no worse on graceful fingers.

The glossy surface is created by careful polishing, due to which a mirror-like shine and maximum reflection of sunlight is obtained. The matte coating diffuses the light falling on it, and therefore does not shine, but shimmers gently with restraint.

wedding rings

Important! The level of smoothness of wedding rings can vary from almost indistinguishable from glossy counterparts to soft original roughness.

The inner layer of the ring can be left untreated or brought in line with the outer. But be careful: too strong relief can chafe sensitive skin and spoil all the pleasure of continuous wear of the accessory.

The matte finish is an accent in itself, because it makes the jewelry elegant, but at the same time unusual. Any decor looks brighter on a similar surface: and stone inlay; and engraving; and various patterns applied by Wedding rings enamel. Various inscriptions or drawings can be applied with the absence of matting on parts of the product – in this case, you will receive a completely unique decoration.

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