In every self-respecting resort entertainment city there is an alcoholic excursion for tasting certain Wine tasting tours before drinks.In this tasty article, we will tell you about visiting all the interesting places for tasting local wines produced in the Australia city.

It is so customary in the world that local institutions count on the arrival of very rich clients in search and purchase of new exquisite wine, as well as on vacationers all over Russia, according to tradition, buying a souvenir for relatives in the form of a bottle of Wine tasting tours.

Wine Tasting Tours

And you can choose a good Wine tasting tours only after tasting it. Tasting is offered in almost all wine shops.

Wine tasting tours distributed by area!

There are two special “Tasting rooms” in the australia Center.

The first is located on the territory of the Riviera Park, it is called “Arcadia”. Due to the influx of people to the park, you need to sign up for tasting in advance, as visitors are received on schedule. The main beach of the center of Australia is also located nearby. You can get to the Riviera stop by local bus transport.

The second tasting room is called “Fanagoria” and you can find it after reaching Matsesta.

Wine tasting tours in such places are similar to a fascinating show, at the beginning, according to tradition, wines produced at the factories of the Krasnodar Territory are bottled, it is customary to serve snacks for each glass. 

As the organizers of such events themselves say, their idea is allegedly aimed not at increasing the sales of wines, but at instilling a culture of using this tasty drink by the population. The price of visiting such a hall is cheap, about 100 rubles, it can be a little more expensive. You can get to such an event on your own or in any excursion tent to take a general package of a city tour with a visit to Wine tasting tours

Wine tasting tours

They offer to taste, as a rule, 50 milliliters of each type of wine, so calculate your strengths and capabilities in advance. You can immediately buy the Wine tasting tours you like and bring back home.

All the others referred to as tasting rooms are nothing more than ordinary liquor stores that sell wines on tap.

Having visited the Adler area, you will find the tasting room on Street. In the shopping center on the 1st floor there is a store called Wine tasting tours. Walking further down the street, you will come across two more places offering their customers to taste wine before the intended purchase,

Having visited the Khosta district, you can taste the wine made in the Kuban on Platanovaya Street – nearby there is a cafe “Evrika” (there is a large barrel from it and tasting is carried out), in the local canteen “Platan”, as well as in a store.

In the Pearl of Australia, wines produced in the Temryuk plant are bottled at the guest’s choice directly from a barrel or from stored bottles. This place has a large collection of 19 varieties of wines.

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