2 Impressive Wine labels Which Are So Important?

Have you ever noticed the Wine labels? Would you know what information it contains? Wine labeling is a very important but unknown aspect since it is the only information we have about it, a key link between the winery and the consumer.

The label must include at least the origin of the wine, who produces it, with what variety of grapes it is made, the degree of alcohol it contains, the capacity of the bottle, etc … The label and the back label are the spaces that a bottle Reserve Wine labels for it. Let’s see each one of them.

Wine labels

It occupies a prominent place in the bottle and therefore it will be the first thing we see and that will condition us in the election. In it, we will find the name, the logo of the production winery, the brand of the wine, the name of the packer, type of winemaking … Another mandatory information that this label must contain is its classification (Denomination of Origin, Earth Wine …) It will help us determine its age.

Rear Wine labels

It usually appears on the back of the bottle. It contains information such as the history of the winery, the volume of alcohol, the type of grape used for its elaboration, tasting notes that this Wine label Business has obtained, advice for its pairing … let’s say it serves to advise the consumer in their choice.

We cannot forget that the number of the bottle is something obligatory that should appear in this section since the number of bottles issued is regulated according to the hectares of each winery.

Wine labels

The Marketing Of The Wine labels

There is no doubt that the first thing that catches the attention of the consumer in any product is its aesthetics, its design, and the wine is no less. Yes, it is true that the occasional consumer will look for reference elements that sound familiar, and the amateur consumer will look for specific characteristics in the Wine labels, which is why it must be prepared to meet the requirements of each of them.

History OF Wine labels

Did you know that in the beginning, the identification of the wine was done through stamps, seals, and tapes?

If you want to know more curiosities like this, visit our section Did you know …?

The first labels came from the tags or small pieces of skin, leather or parchment that were arranged on the neck of the bottle and showed only the year of the harvest and the name of the owner.

Subsequently, the paper stuck in the bottle began to be used until the appearance of lithography in 1796, which allowed it to be printed on metal plates.

In the same way, its design must be in accordance with the product and according to the expectations of the consumer, using simple designs for normal wines, elegant for medium and luxurious wines, for excellent wines.

Currently, the wineries strive to distinguish their image, presentation, and design to the fullest. There are those who retain their traditional styles and others that are launched into innovation.

Surely from now on, you’ll look more closely at the Wine labels, right? We hope that these lines will help you to understand them better. Posted onAugust 4, 2017CategoriesDid you know …LabelsWineries, Oenology, Labeling, Wine.

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