Social Media Advertising: In These 10 Countries, It Makes the Most Money

If you want to target people, you’re probably also turning to social media advertising. But in which regions is this approach particularly lucrative? We introduce you to the ten countries where social media advertising makes the most money.

With advertising, that’s such a thing. On the one hand, we are annoyed by her. This is mainly due to the fact that there is often just nonsense in our real and digital mailboxes. This does not have much in common with a personal address.

On the other hand, however, good advertising also scares us. How do Facebook, Google, Instagram and Co. know so much about me? Can it really still be a coincidence that we recently talked about a topic and now suddenly see advertisements about it?

In these 10 countries, social media advertising is particularly lucrative

The answer is no. However, the digital corporations collect an incredible amount of data. In some cases, they tap into sources that we don’t think about at all. So it is actually not particularly surprising that social media advertising is a very lucrative business model.

But in which countries do companies earn a lot of money from revenue from social media advertising? Statista has dealt with this question in the “Digital Market Outlook”.

The results – i.e. the ten countries in which social networks make a lot of money – are presented to you in the weekly ranking.

Rank 10: Denmark

Tenth place goes to Denmark. The companies there will earn around 533 million euros through social media advertising in 2021.

Rank 9: Switzerland

In Switzerland, the income generated by advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Co. is exactly 100 million euros higher. So here it is 633 million euros.

Rank 8: Sweden

Sweden, with its dozens of lakes and islands, is also one of those countries where companies make a lucrative business through social media advertising. 686 million Euro will come together in 2021.

Rank 7: Netherlands

In seventh place, the magic limit of one billion euros is broken for the first time. More precisely, companies from the Netherlands will earn 1.042 billion euros with social media advertising in 2021.

Rank 6: Russia

Just ahead of the Netherlands, Russia makes it to sixth place in the ranking. According to Statista, companies earn 1.106 billion euros there through advertising revenues in social media.

Rank 5: Spain

Almost 50 million people live in Spain – and they also travel a lot on Instagram, Tik Tok and Co. This explains at least the fifth place in the ranking. 1.188 billion Companies have earned euros this year through social media advertising.

Rank 4: Italy

We are making a significant leap upwards in the home country of pizza and pasta. According to Statista, Italian companies will earn 1.411 billion euros via social networks in 2021.

Rank 3: France

Once again it goes up significantly in third place. France secured the bronze rank with advertising revenues of 2.124 billion euros. This means that our neighbouring country is breaking the next sound barrier.

Rank 2: Germany

Even in this country, companies can make a very lucrative business with social media. For Germany, the market researchers forecast revenues of 2.45 billion euros for 2021.

Rank 1: Great Britain

The UK is undisputedly in first place in the ranking. Here, companies earn almost four times as much. The estimates for the current year amount to 7.992 billion euros. No other country can keep up.

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