7 Keys to successfully best bathroom renovation

The bathroom renovation is one of the rooms in our home intended for very specific functions, not just using your mobile or tablet as many think. It is used daily by all the inhabitants of the house so it tends to deteriorate over time, if not, we do proper maintenance.

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  • Update wall and floor covering

In addition, the fashions pass and their image and appearance can get tiresome or the needs of the users can change. For all these reasons, it is frequent to have to face the reform and updating of the bathroom. Following these recommendations, you do not have to be afraid to bathroom renovation.

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation: wet room

It is a room known as wet, in which water and humidity flow. But this must meet special conditions that keep humidity controlled and do not harm the rest of the elements of the house.The porous finishes are not recommended for wet rooms, accumulate dirt and moisture and are not hygienic.

When renovating the bathroom renovation it is essential to ensure that it is adequately ventilated so that no condensation of water vapor occurs. Ventilation occurs through a window or louver that leads to a ventilation duct. It is very important to respect the grilles and not to interpose obstacles to cancel them.

Important issues to consider

The complexity and cost of renovating the bathroom will depend on its magnitude. Keep in mind that it is a space with many facilities. Modifying the distribution of sanitary equipment involves modifying the water intakes and drains . It is not usually too difficult, but it makes the intervention more expensive . In either case, have a technician inspect the current facilities to see if they are in good repair or recommended to upgrade.

Define your needs

Your current bathroom renovation layout may not suit your current needs and you may want to modify it. In this case, to renovate the bathroom it is essential to draw a sketch of the space with the measurements of the room. In the manufacturers catalogs you will find the size of the toilets. Apart from their size, keep in mind that it is necessary to leave a space between them so that you can move comfortably.

This is especially important for elderly or people with reduced mobility. On the internet you can find standard distributions and the necessary measures so that in the bathroom it works comfortably.

Update sanitary appliances

If you do not vary the distribution and it is not necessary to update the facilities, replacing a toilet has no complications . Exchanging a toilet or bidet for a current one is a simple task. They are suspended on the wall that do not touch the floor and compliment the cleaning of the pavement. When bathroom renovation you can take advantage of choosing more efficient current appliances that help save water . Especially efficient faucets can help you save as much water as the energy used to heat it.

Change the bathtub for a showe

A very frequent intervention is to replace a bathtub with a shower tray. It is a simple work that does not take more than a day to two . With it, access to the shower area is more comfortable and simple, which is very important for older people.

There are many solutions on the market today to bathroom renovation. You can install a decorative custom-made shower with a spectacular result. A more economical solution is precast dishes . There are many models of different materials and finishes. In both cases, there is only a minimal step between the floor and the Shower Seal. Complete the reform with a screen that prevents splashing.

bathroom renovation

The installations

If several the distribution of sanitary equipment it will be necessary to install new water pipes and drainage systems . In most cases this means that it is necessary to chop and remove the wall covering and possibly the flooring. This intervention can help you improve old facilities and prevent possible leaks.

Do not forget to design a good lighting that allows you to get comfortable . The electrician will indicate the safety limitations in the distribution of sockets and light points.

Update wall and floor covering

If you want to bathroom renovation you can update the wall and floor coverings. You have a multitude of possibilities at all prices. Be sure to choose a special coating for wet areas. The most economical solution is to apply a special paint primer for ceramic tile substrates . It is easily applied and offers a new image.

If the walls are in good condition, it is also possible to superimpose a new tiling on top of the existing one. This way you avoid having to demolish the existing coating and the corresponding debris and dirt.

For the flooring you can apply a microcement or a special synthetic resin for wet rooms. In both cases, you avoid having to demolish the pavement and there are all kinds of decorative finishes.

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What mistakes you should avoid when reforming your bathroom, do not hesitate! What do you think about the keys to renovating the bathroom renovation successfully? Comfort, aesthetics and savings must go hand in hand when renovating the bathroom. Find a balance between your needs and personal tastes. With this formula you will surely succeed!

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