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We offer all the cleaning services that your false ceilings may need.We work with ecological products (more information about Roof Restorations and the advantages of ecological cleaning), which together with our Roof Restorations Method, allows us to work on your roofs without your company interrupting its activity.

We not only clean and sanitize your ceilings, but all the elements of it: air conditioning vents, lights, etc.In this way, you will be able to avoid allergies that are produced by the accumulation of fungi and bacteria, since false ceilings are one of your favorite places, due to the fibrous material from which they are made.

Learn more about avoiding allergies at work.In addition, Roof Restorations includes a Microbiological Test in our false ceiling cleaning.Get more cleanliness, health, and hygiene in your business, as well as a considerable saving of light.

Incredible results in record time, before hiring a false ceiling cleaning, ask us for a quote and a demonstration without obligation to show you our solutions for ceilings.Roof Restorations is synonymous with ceiling cleaning.

Fiber ceiling cleaning treatment

Fiber False Ceiling at Rs 65/square feet | Fibreglass Ceiling, GFRP Ceiling,  GRP Ceiling, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Ceiling, Glass Reinforced  Plastic Ceiling - SG Interiors, Pune | ID: 16845936055

At Roof Restorations, we are experts in cleaning fiber and plaster ceilings.

The technical ceilings or false ceilings suffer from the passage of time degradation of their whiteness, aging that causes contamination, the technicians who manipulate the plates, etc.

Roof Restorations recovers all the technical aspects of Porous Roofs and returns their roofs to their initial values:

  • Reflection of Light
  • Aesthetics
  • the whiteness
  • and especially the Sanitation of their roofs.

Without works, without hassles, we adapt the work to your needs, without interrupting your work rhythms.

At times that are right for you

We customize our work according to the characteristics and needs of each client, treating between 250 and 500 m2 per day without having to break the dynamics and rhythm of your company’s work.

Check the MAINTENANCE SAVINGS, with our total solution.

Incredible results in record time, ask for a quote, and a demonstration without obligation. We do demonstrations without obligation depending on the type of roof.

Green roof cleaning

In addition, not only you, your employees, and your company come out winning, but also the Environment, avoiding solid polluting discharges.

The specific products required are documented and certified. They do not contain toxic elements.

Fiber and plaster ceiling cleaning process

  • We previously clean air conditioning vents and all accessories that the ceiling contains.
  • Total protection of vertical parameters as well as existing furniture using biodegradable plastics.
  • We treat the ceilings using the Roof Restorations system (without works or hassles) applying our totally natural resins, they do not contain solvents or ammonia and are not toxic
  • We collect plastic protections and possible residues for their selective treatment (according to ISO 14001/2004 Certification)
  • We proceed to the subsequent cleaning of the work, for its delivery.
  • We review the finished work and our technicians certify its quality together with the client.

Advantages of cleaning fiber and plaster ceilings with the Roof Restorations method

  • It maintains 100% of the original qualities of the roof.
  • The plates do not stick to the profiles.
  • Lower cost than replacement.
  • Removes the toughest stains
  • Does not yellow the plate.
  • Increase the reflection of light.
  • Eliminates bacteria lodged in the false ceiling
  • Our technical and specialized staff stands out for its speed, efficiency, and flexibility, so as not to interrupt the progress of our clients’ activities.

Metal and vinyl roof cleaning

Painting in the Rain: The Lowdown

Cleaning metal and vinyl ceilings are essential to keep the ceiling of your office in perfect condition and for it to offer you all its advantages for many years. Metal and vinyl ceilings are characterized by their easy assembly and disassembly, the highest resistance to fire, the great durability, and the best lighting. However, for this type of ceiling to offer its best qualities, it is essential to periodically perform a professional and thorough cleaning.

How to properly clean metal and vinyl roofs

Roof Restorations performs a thorough cleaning of this type of ceilings using cotton mops and products suitable for metal and vinyl, thus avoiding erosion and reduction of metallic shine. The cleaning metal roof and vinyl, and left the cleanest visible surface, also disinfects in-depth, preventing the spread of fungi and bacteria and improve, therefore, the health of workers and reducing the possibility of allergies. After each cleaning of metal and vinyl roofs, Roof Restorations provides the company with a microbiological test that confirms the complete disinfection of the roof.

The cleaning of metal and vinyl ceilings is done without the need for works or installation of any kind. In addition, it is done at the time that best suits the client, so it does not affect the normal development of business activity. On the other hand, our team of professionals works very efficiently, in such a way that the metal and vinyl ceiling cleaning process is carried out quickly and with an unbeatable value for money. Our workers protect the furnishings, floors and walls, so that after cleaning the metal and vinyl ceiling, the office is ready to be used.

Benefits of a clean roof

In addition to improving the healthiness of the workplace, cleaning metal roof and vinyl can save money because it reduces the need for the energy consumption of the company. When cleaning the ceiling, the reflection of light (both natural and artificial) increases, and there is a light increase that can reach up to 30%. This increased light allows the use of lower wattage bulbs. In a work environment, brightness is always very important, becoming vital for the image of the company if it works with the public.

Regular cleaning of this type of ceilings with cleaning products suitable for metal or vinyl plates represents a long-term saving, since insufficient cleaning or cleaning with inappropriate products causes the degradation of the false ceiling, forcing the restoration of the plates.

At Roof Restorations, we are aware of the environment and for cleaning metallic and vinyl ceilings we use ecological products. In addition, we have the honor of being the second company in Spain with the certification of the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene that endorses the application by our company of highly demanding products for occupational health.

Metal roof restoration

Metal Roofing Restoration, Amazing Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restorations is a very beneficial process for your company, both for image reasons and for energy and health saving reasons. Find out what metal roof restoration is and what benefits it offers you.

What is metal roof restoration?

When a ceiling is very deteriorated and has lost its properties of luminosity, aesthetics, and hygiene, cleaning, no matter how deep it may be, is not enough to get the ceiling of your company to be like new again and therefore it is required a specific treatment to recover it. During the restoration of a metal ceiling, suitable resins for this type of ceiling are micro-sprayed, which aesthetically match the false ceiling and remove all the grease, carbon monoxide, nicotine, bacteria, and fungi that may have adhered to the ceiling. The result is spectacular and the customer is as if they were re-releasing their roof but at a much lower price than that of replacing all the metal plates.

A company may need the restoration of a metal roof, whether for years it has not carried out professional cleaning of the roof or if the cleaning has been carried out but improperly since to preserve the characteristics of the metal roof it is necessary to use products that preserve the properties and original appearance of the metal and thoroughly disinfect the ceiling.

Metal roof restoration process by Roof Restorations

For the restoration of a metal ceiling, the Roof Restorations team of professionals begins by preparing the room: tables, computer equipment, cabinets, etc. are protected. The ceiling accessories (air intakes, smoke detectors, lights, etc.) are then cleaned and covered, to begin with, the micro-spraying of resins.

After restoration, the protectors are removed. The restoration of this type of roof does not require work, so it can be done in record time. In addition, the process does not interfere with the normal development of your company, since at Roof Restorations we adjust to your schedule. Once our professionals complete the restoration, your employees can return to work immediately, without the need for cleaning on your part.

Roof Restorations uses cutting-edge bioecological products in its restorations that are not aggressive to the environment or to the assets of your company, so no extra time is needed to “air out” the area.

Restoration benefits

The restoration of the metal roof allows considerable energy savings by increasing the reflection of the roof. This translates into much more intense lighting in your business, reducing the need for electrical use, achieving more than considerable savings percentages.

On the other hand, metal roof restoration also offers great aesthetic benefits to your business. A dull ceiling that even acquires an old-fashioned hue that deteriorates the image of your company by generating a feeling of neglect that a business today cannot afford.

In addition, it also provides benefits for the health of its workers, since it eliminates dust, nicotines and all kinds of microorganisms that can harm the health of its workers and clients by promoting allergies and the rapid spread of viruses.

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