Some tips to follow before choosing your removalists

You have all heard that moving was one of the most important removalists sources of stress for the Australian, ranked third after bereavement and dismissal in surveys on the subject. All the more reason to follow our 7 tips when choosing your mover, especially the first one that is the most important to follow, when planning your move.

1. Look for a removalists well before the start of your move, and do not take the first one found without comparing:

  • The key word is “organization”: a move can be prepared a few weeks in advance for many reasons. First of all, you won’t find a good removalists if you only do it a few days before departure. In addition, you may need a furniture repository or self-store, who also often have busy schedules. Finally, if you are moving in the spring or summer, it is essential to plan the date of your move well in advance so that you do not get caught out.
  • By asking for several quotes and comparing several movers, you will learn a lot of things, be able to choose your mover much more easily and more safely.


2. Take the time to sort it out before moving:

  • The first thing to do (as a family, if you live together in your home) is to sort it out. If you have lived in a home for a long time, moving is the unique opportunity to tidy up and sort it out: get rid of everything you don’t need, especially what you haven’t used for years, which has no market or sentimental value.
  • Sorting will allow you to throw away or give away a good part of your belongings, and sometimes save a lot more by reducing the volume of things to be transported. Indeed, even if you negotiate with a quality removalists, it will always cost you less to have less goods, so think about it!

3. Bring the movers you want to compare to your home:

  • By having the movers come to your home to obtain a detailed estimate in writing, you avoid the risk of forgetting to list some of the goods you are going to move, those that they will have to dismantle or pack for example.
  • Finally, they will be able to appreciate the possible difficulties of access to your accommodation: an elevator that is too small, a stairwell not very accessible or a narrow street whose traffic will have to be cut off on D-Day.

4. Request a detailed quote in writing:

  • During their visit, ask the removalists to tell you about the different types of move they offer (with most experienced and quality movers, you will have the choice between an economic, standard or luxury move) in order to make your choice. Knowingly.
  • As there are not 2 identical moves because there are not 2 identical homes and because there are many options to determine which will be done by us or by the movers, you need a quote. All these points must be clarified in order not to have unpleasant surprises with supplements, for example for the dismantling of your furniture or for the packing material on moving day.

5. Look for reviews on the mover you want to choose:

  • You are going to be entrusting movers with a part of your life, so it is essential to seek references or verified reviews because a good salesperson can sell you anything.
  • The best reviews are obviously those of friends or acquaintances because they will tell you the truth and you will be sure that they are not fake reviews written by the removalists.

6. Check that the removalists is well insured and that his insurance covers the main risks for your home and your property:

  • Ask the mover to send you proof of his insurance, check that it is still in force and that it covers a sufficient value of goods as well as the various risks incurred (not only damage during transport, loading and unloading ).
  • If the mover’s insurance does not cover everything you want to cover, do not hesitate to take out special moving insurance from an insurer.

7. Above all, do not choose a mover whose quote is strangely low:

  • Unless he gives you very good reasons (and in general there are few because the main cost of a move is that of labor), do not choose a removalists whose price is substantially lower than its competitors, because there is undoubtedly a problem: its personnel may not be declared, or it is not well insured.
  • If you don’t have the budget to pay for what a quality move is worth or if you don’t want to invest so much money in a move, it is probably best to do it yourself by renting a suitable vehicle. and with the help of a good team of friends …

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