The accommodation hotels are one step away from bankruptcy due to quarantine

In the long list of sectors fully affected by the general quarantine in the face of the coronavirus pandemic are the accommodation hotels, popularly known as “telos”, a sector that warns that the bankruptcy of hundreds of establishments “is an inevitable path” if there is no “Real bailout measures” and complains about the “obstacles” that banks put in accessing credits announced by the Government.

Nearly 700 transitory shelters are distributed throughout Argentina, in which some 8,000 employees and several other industries, such as laundry, textiles, cleaning products and maintenance services, are employed directly.

Almost half of the establishments are located in the accommodation hotels Area.

accommodation hotels

The general quarantine decimated telos activity, for obvious reasons.

“Bankruptcy is an unavoidable path as long as there are no real bailout initiatives. This situation cannot be endured much longer, “warned the president of the Argentine Federation of Accommodation hotels for Hours (FADAPH), José Capelo.

In dialogue with NA, the head of the entity insisted that “there is no way to sustain the hotels if there is no deep rescue”, since he warned that the owners of the temporary shelters cannot access the benefits and credits announced by the Government in recent weeks.

“In the vast majority of cases, there are more obstacles than facilities. It is one thing that is advertised and quite another that is applied. In banks there are more problems than solutions: approximately 10 percent of the sector will have agreed, “he complained.

As the decision to impose social, preventive and compulsory isolation was “abrupt”, “it was impossible to make any economic or financial forecast”, Capelo pointed out.

“Most are family businesses or quasi-family businesses that live to pay the bills for the month. They are all national capitals. Those who dedicate themselves to this live from this. There is a situation of despair, “added the president of FADAPH.

After having “serious complications” to face part of the salaries in early April, they already glimpse that this situation will be “even more complicated” in early May.

Given this, Capelo considered that there may be a reactivation of the sector “with the necessary sanitation protocols”, because the workers of the accommodation hotels “do not have contact with customers”.

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