The solution for the future: the battery system

Choosing the right battery system is a forward-looking decision. Since battery system from different manufacturers are not compatible with each other, it is worth making a choice from the very beginning in favor of a single battery system, if you do not want to carry a whole collection of batteries and chargers with you. 

This is why many professionals with high and highest demands on their tools trust Metabo. For every mains powered tool, we produce its cordless counterpart – if technically feasible and feasible – productive, innovative and high quality.

Our concept is to ensure your independence with an innovative battery system

As a leader in battery technology, Metabo is persistently pursuing the concept of a “no cables” concept to make you even more independent and mobile. 

By deciding in favor of our batteries, you will be best prepared for the demands of the future. Because our innovations set new standards in battery technology. For you, this means the greatest possible freedom when drilling, screwing, chiselling, sawing, sanding and cutting.

They ensure limitless compatibility: metabo cordless systems

With 100% compatibility within our battery system, you will always feel confident – today and in the future! Since 2009, all Metabo battery packs, tools and chargers of the same voltage class can be flexibly combined with each other. 

This is made possible by the Metabo Ultra-M technology. It ensures optimal matching and perfect communication between the tool, the battery system pack and the charger. 

In this way, the batteries are charged efficiently and gently, and the patented AIR COOLED technology ensures quick readiness for use. Energy is consumed optimally during operation. At the same time, our batteries are extremely durable: with a fully charged battery pack for 5,

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