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If your bathroom is over 15 years old, you will surely need to change all the water pipes as well as toilets and faucets . If so, it is necessary to assess what is the initial distribution of drains, collectors, etc. and that the installation is made with current materials that allow high resistance to pressures and temperatures, such as copper pipes for hot and cold sanitary water for both the sink and the bidet, the shower or the bathtub and only cold for the toilet .

Sometimes, to lower costs, only the outlet points of the pipes and the toilets are changed , but this is not recommended because if there are problems in the future, the repair would be much more expensive than if we changed everything from the beginning. For this reason, at Accesible Reformas, we completely change the installation of PVC plastic pipes and drains to guarantee that all toilets will function correctly and that there will be no problems in the future.


As the legislation on electrical installations has changed considerably in recent years, it is most likely that the entire bathroom installation will have to be changed to bring it into line with current legislation. Due to the presence of water, it is very important to respect the rules imposed by the regulations . Thus, minimum safety distances must be kept when placing plugs and light points, which should never be placed in the bathtub or shower.

A basic electrical installation would be: a box located in the bathroom for two ceiling light points, one wall light point, double switch and single plug. It should also include the placement of mechanisms and the opening and closing of regattas.

bathroom renovation


Placement of a heated towel rail, emptying and filling the radiator and checking the heating circuit.

bathroom renovation for Coatings and pavements

It is common in bathroom renovation to replace old tiles and flooring and replace them with new ones to transform the room into a completely different one. For this reason and because it is necessary to install moisture resistant materials, a large part of the bathroom reform budget goes in this heading . The price will vary depending on the measurements, the manufacturer and the chosen model, as well as the professional who installs them, the tiler.

We always recommend investing in a good tile, as poorly tiled can make a quality tile look like a mediocre tile and mess up your bathroom design. The price can vary depending on the material to be placed and the type of installation (without joint, with open joint …), but a good tiler usually charges around per square meter, but could reach.

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation Walls

The most used tiles are ceramic, but glass, gresite or porcelain stoneware are also used.To give an example, our clients ask us a lot for the 10 x 20 bevelled ” subway tile ” in white, which usually costs per square meter. There are other materials that are increasingly used, such as microcement, which is around per square meter or porcelain, from € 40 per square meter.

Sanitary and accessories

The choice of toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers will be decisive both in the aesthetics of the bathroom and in the final price of the reform. If you choose mid-range pieces you can get toilets from around , if you want something more sophisticated or exclusive the price becomes more expensive, especially in showers and bathtubs. If, on the other hand, your budget is not enough, you can also find cheaper pieces, such as private label ones for around.

Whichever part you choose, you must take into account not only the price, but the guarantees offered by the manufacturer. For this reason, at Accesible Reformas we work with well-known brands such as Roca, Gala or Duravit to avoid problems in the future.

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