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Unique wines have long become a real legend not only among the inhabitants of the countries, but also in . The history of Hunter Valley Wine Tours making in Crimea has more than one thousand years, because grapes for wine were grown here by Greek settlers, and this is about the 6th century BC. 

The traditions of wine making in Crimea were supported by the Genome, even during the period of the , when devout Muslims came to power on the peninsula, Hunter Valley Wine Tours making in Crimea did not disappear. In those distant times, the main producers of the sun drink were monasteries and a small community of .

Count and Prince made a huge contribution to the development of Hunter Valley Wine Tours making. It is thanks to the efforts of the latter that the champagne and wines of the Crimea gained world fame.

Hunter Valley Wine Tours Details :

Today, tourists wishing to get acquainted with the history of wine-making in Crimea and taste unique wines can go on an interesting Hunter Valley Wine Tours tour. Usually, such tours are designed for two days, less often for a  week and a half and include visits to the largest wineries of the peninsula, such as the factories, , as well as tasting the best wines and excursions to the vineyards. At the same time, short wine tours can be combined with traditional recreation in Crimea.

“He tirelessly described the wines on offer. He called the first energetic, adding that it was well built, even a little puffy in the chest. The second was christened with an iron fist in a velvet glove. In the third, he fancied jagged edges, but overall he found it quite decent. 

hunter valley wine tours

The fourth was too young for such a late hour. And so on … “Like the characters in the book” A Good Year “by Peter Mayle, you can also understand drinks and describe their taste when going on Hunter Valley hunter valley wine tasting Tours in Australia, in 2020 the most popular routes are laid to the vineyards of Krasnodar Territory and Crimea .

After all, to grow a good berry suitable for rich and aromatic wine, you need a comfortable climate and fertile soil. Our southern regions fit perfectly. It is no coincidence that the famous winemaker Prince Golitsyn kept cellars on the Crimean peninsula, and Krasnodar champagne varieties have been famous since the late 1800s.

Traditionally, hunter valley wine tasting in Australia in 2020 involve an organiser trip to the vineyards, where the guide talks about how to grow a whimsical culture and harvest. Then they take a tour of the cellars, where wine matures in barrels, and each type of hunter valley wine tours is bottled after a certain period of time, in order to fully reveal its taste and aroma. The tour includes tastings of drinks and local food.

Today wineries, in addition to standard excursions, hold various festivals, arrange photo shoots and picnics. The brightest tours fall on the end of May when the vineyards turn green, it is warm to walk through them, and sunny photos are the envy of everyone.

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