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Many people, despite having cars, are fond of bike shop. Such a pastime is very useful, because almost bike shop all muscles are being trained. It’s nice to take a bike shop and go to the park and spend a weekend with the whole family, especially when you consider that there are special chairs for kids.

To purchase quality bike transport, you can head to the nearest sports store. Now online stores are also engaged in the sale of bicycles in Ukraine, you can order and pay for them immediately via the Internet.


It is not so easy to understand the variety of cycling equipment, it happens that you cannot do without the help of a professional. If before there were only a few typical models, now there are hundreds of them. Such two-wheeled vehicles are:

  • urban;
  • highway;
  • mountainous;
  • BMX.

All these groups are divided into subgroups that have a narrower purpose. Visually, it seems that some of them differ little, but a professional will note dozens of different nuances.

Choosing great ones on the Internet, you should take into account a lot of little things, on which not only the price of equipment depends, but also the comfort of its use. First of all, the size is great, depending on the height of the person. This indicator is very important, in any bike shop they will definitely ask about it. Be sure to pay attention to the type of transmission and brakes. 

If you choose an electric bike, you should determine which type of battery is preferable for it. The buyer should always take into account his budget, the cost of models can vary greatly: electric and city bicycles have completely different prices. You can explore the assortment of several online stores that sell bikes, they all hold promotions, so a bike can be bought at a fairly pleasant price.


In or other large city of Ukraine, it is quite easy to find a bike shop, and not one, but residents of small settlements can shop online. It seems that buying a bike through an online store is very easy, but how to choose a seller? When choosing a bike seller, you should pay attention to:

  • reviews on the Internet;
  • the duration of the store’s activity;
  • assortment of goods;
  • content and appearance of the site.

When selling bicycle equipment, accessories are often added to catalogs, which is very convenient, since you can buy goods from one brand.

Large bike shop where you can buy online bicycles of different types: fat bike, mountain bike, electric bike, city bike, children’s, road bike shop, balance bike and various cycling goods. If you have problems with the choice, you can get advice by phone, which is indicated on the company’s website. 

The sale of equipment and accessories is carried out in , where you can pick up all the goods yourself. If necessary, orders are sent to other cities of , for this the buyer just needs to mark the appropriate item in the order form. Shipping cost is calculated at the prices indicated on the official page of the carrier company.

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