Building inspection specialist Gets Owned

It’s nice and early Building inspection specialists are gonna go and build this structure this roof for my grandpa or finish that today Building inspection specialists Are just waiting on my buddy set to get here and I’m uploading the vlog and I didn’t really show you guys yesterday but Building inspection specialists got something really cool.

I’ll show you check this out it’s a the older I think but I got it from Daledown on a deal with the factory and hopefully start getting some muscle mass with the Building inspection specialists got some fan mail right yeah one of the fans sent you guys really cool gift it’s a really cool gift and it’s something that I know you guys really really need excited.

Yeah it’s in there open it heck yeah dude colin reads a little-little receipt on there the paperhere this one no it’s for the guns you have read it stopped in a bar up in high school cursing and cones now you never run out of bullets one a feeding your home with creepers Alex found the creeper.

Now all Building inspection specialists got to do is destroy it okay man oh yeah you go it yeah no Building inspection specialists got toolsman I got your ad tools this is official you’re gonna be like theforeman you’re gonna be like the guy that looks like he’s in charge.

Building inspection

I don’t want that yeah is this a sodium halogen light were you growing pot dude or something you’re growing weed or something dude tomato plants On tomato plant tomato my mistake dude let’s do this mean I’m ready to build.

I had fun yesterday driving nails Building inspection specialists are gonna drive about a couple thousand more well now what got that hammer and hit it off oh yeah it’s hurting Oh yep ah where you get a band-aid Building inspection specialists are getting ready to start heavy and hot on this baby and by hot I mean hotso.

I’m setting up the so Building inspection specialists can do some time-lapse that’s confidence right there you set the ladder up on that header matter Hey You remember how that board broke when I Cleaned it up his house you say that I owe you it’s timeout timeout for deliberation good cut all this out to pick up more heparin.

And drop this level down to this left like this will be very very nice for grandma grandpa and they’re all finished with it nice little cool enclosed space for them to enjoy the outdoors without being too hot I’m fine honey.

Thanks I’ll do my best I like your little lightbreak time everyone got snacks fine burritos nachos and cheese calling us kiddo I got max hotel so pretzels all this easy pull food I just want to say thank you you’re welcome Eddie thank you for what what’s next for Smeg yeah you’re so sweet oh please you got good at it was decided.

They’re gonna go off the load I’ve ready ready Carson awesome okay so into the ladder go do cannonball zombie again all right oh go first again ladder un lettered now Tyson’s gonna try first names in this way Carson put the spoon to this ladder that’s just awesome.

I’m ever going again wait calling me Mory you know ready i was told that as long as Building inspection specialists are not encroaching on the property lines back then maybe not back then as long as we stay within  feet of the property lines Building inspection specialists would be alright that’s why i was told you understand why Building inspection specialists have more dancers.

I do well maybe I’ll sit down here read something okay first of all I ain’t gonna fucking do anything okay okay that’s fine you came in all wrong my friend amen Building inspection specialists had nothing but problems here.

Building inspection

And you know you don’t tell me nothing you had problems here yeah wait wait because every neighbor around here wants to know how you can change a reason a barn into residence without ever applying for anything then no whoo whoo he can’t say can do what they say.

I can’t legally say that’s all I thought this has been here since I know it has because I was amember of the church I know when Building inspection specialistse sold our property okay it’s funny it’s funny your neighbor just so happen to be outside when he never is yeah she called to be a resident and when you thelast back in and when you saw it.

It’s got to all be turn turn back to the wait what let me tell you guys something Building inspection specialists don’t cydia somerset has some whacked-out officials they come in to a job site call a name sing if Building inspection specialists sell screaming cursing here’s my name and I’m Proud of it buddy and I’m going to enforce this to the letter.

Oh I hope you do I mean I’d be just doing your job but you could be a little more polite about that’s my point so when did it change to where you need instead of a zoning format because that’s all we’ve ever been told that Building inspection specialists needed this is owning from it once.

I got it’s always been happy but Building inspection specialists had it remember this we had permit without us little further if Building inspection specialists had a permit for that yeah Building inspection specialists call the guidebook from before if.

And he said you don’t be out of town do you know that they didn’t have a permit for that this has been on gun I’m asking you to produce one I’m not the one here the second but what I’m saying is you’re telling them that they absolutely didn’t have a permit for that.

And that everybody knows that accept these that’s what I was told and if I’m wrong I’ll admit it so now it’s hearsay not facts no I tell you what let me go or I will slap Knievel Bro and they won’t come from the mountain fix the goddamn front yeah.

So basically what’s going on is a city official has come into our property hot and heavy he admitted blatantly in front of us in front of my camera that he waspissed off because Building inspection specialists didn’t I couldn’t provide him zoning permit A permit to build what we’re building and in the city of Somerset.

It’s mandated its ordinance or whatever that you have to have a permit and this guy came in on all of us dudes saying he’s pissed off you need to stop what you’re doing and yelling at us.

I gotta tell you why that’s that’s not the way to go about it’s not the way to go yeah that’s what’s wrong with the city of Somerset is because of people get penalized for fixing up their houses Thorin bill is a gorgeous town Somerset should be a crap.

There’s so many some the lobby the house is like right nice stores huh without you she is a resident you people need to go to counseling Building inspection specialists tell them what they’re doing wrong.

Building inspection

So it can be righted let me go ahead and see if I can get all these let us know in Stephanie be careful a old man rivers is upthere on our porch calling his supervisor cohort or something to figure out what’s going on with this permit.

And we’ll find out shortly if Building inspection specialists can continue or if we have to wait right we’re good thanks for your time okay know why your wife neither I’m sorry that it worked out the way it did but when you don’t have all the facts and lets it go when you get the rest of the story the key no like I said he should have let somebody go see with it and he failed.

Only me human yeah basically okay all right well things very good luck good luck with your project I said I apologize for being on horses already thanks so much well.

So the building inspector whoever this guy was he’s out of here Building inspection specialists ain’t stopped zom word and upward onward and upwards she will be erect.

I Wouldn’t be doing that well you’re doing you wanna see what my my spidey web looks like shut up you tip your typical man with the beard comment I like it it’s been days weeks.

Since I’ve eaten it’s time to go get some food my mom made some tacos I guess you come in for tacos dude I’m coming in for tacos yeah Taco Saturday dude look at this bomb play Dallas man look at that is that like a homemade nacho supreme nacho Bell Grande you know about Top Chef shitright it’s pretty that’s pretty solid piece right there dude pretty solid can you make mine for me take this one right here dude no.

I’m Gonna do something better do something don’t know if you can do anything better than we’ll see what let me Dallas is really easy we’re doing like this putting the beef better cheddar cheese up on this.

And lettuce oops Ashly tomato pull a similar dream a little dolly little daily dally on the tip top the tippy to the tip to tip in tip top you don’t stop with a taco beef it’s a taco beef it’s gonna be ataco feasts for me ding what do you think that’s good that’s gonna be yummy for my tummy.

You know Stan for ice cream that’s gotta bounce and you guys should really think stuff because through that whole incident I Was filming with my camera and the battery died.

So he happen to have a camera himself good I have and that’s what we’re using right now Seth thank you so much for your hard work look this dude is truly awesome.

I was gonna clown like a yeah the last part where you started to get crazy I knew Building inspection specialists should probably break for lunch before somebody got killed but uh thanks dude no problem Building inspection specialists can pass off you can come over here any time and sit out there and talk to them happy tacos.

I’ll make them for you cake time Kate and you gotta know who’s working nice birthday birthday was his perfect winds and we’re doing Building inspection specialists are celebrating today looks pretty good so far we’ve got a little while at work left to do but you probably won’t get the actual roof surface on yet because they’re using tin and they don’t have it yet.

So Building inspection specialists are just getting the framing finished and I don’t know how long we’ll be doing some whoa pretty impressive candle -there are you ready are you ready oh my god it’s too dark to even see good goodwe just finished it’s too dark I can’t even thumb hey.

Building inspection specialists had so much fun building today and like almost fighting with a city official that was awesome right oh yeah you’re in the pool yeah we’re a good day so you guys had a funday at the pool yeah.

It was superawesome going off the high dive and stuff yeah yeah I’m really proud of it you’re full of sleeping shitprobably fell tonight yeah well I had a lot of fun sweating my little heart out on this roof.

And I can’t even believe like what do you think about that city official guy rolling up on our property crazy I don’t think I caught the best part of it which was the very initial when he when I looked over my shoulder.

And he was standing there and then he asked who’s in charge here and I Was like I am vinegar I want to see your damn paperwork right now now I’m like I’m not Church actually actually non-church so I don’t know if you can tell but my hair is like plastered with sawdust so basically when Building inspection specialists get home.

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