Tips for choosing a hotel for families

When we are young and we travel we only have to worry about having a place to rest from time to time, without further pretense. But when we travel as a family, it is good to find accommodations adapted to everyone’s tastes, not just adults. That is why we began to discard some for their characteristics, their location or the services they have.

We are going to give you a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a hotel for families. Even choosing rooms with certain characteristics can make a big difference, so it is interesting to be very clear about what we have to look for to stay when planning family vacations.

Rooms or apartments

Where we are going to stay is important, and it is that the rooms are the ones that will give us comfort when it comes to resting after the long trip or the days of touring the area. So we must choose well. There are family rooms, which is usually the cheapest.

However, for those who want to enjoy a little privacy and separation with the children, being able to have them close at the same time, there are the connecting rooms. They are separated but connected by doors, so we will enjoy tranquility and at the same time we can all be together whenever we want.


In the rooms it is also necessary to see if they have cribs availability in case we go with babies, so that we do not have to carry the travel crib ourselves. On the other hand, they often also offer extra beds in simple rooms, which can be a very economical option.

The apartments are another great option, and that is that there are many accommodations that have common areas for leisure and accommodation are complete apartments. They are very comfortable and if we do not want to cook, we can choose an establishment that has a restaurant. We will have the same comforts as at home and separate rooms. They are usually the best option for whole families.

Children’s areas

If we go with children, the difficult thing will be to keep them entertained all the time and not to get bored during the holidays. We know that cultural visits or walking from one place to another seeing a city go to them, so the ideal is to choose a hotel that has children’s play areas in which they can enjoy. They can be children’s pools, and also indoor play areas or outdoor playgrounds.

Some summer hotels even have small water parks for them. Hours of fun are guaranteed with these spaces. In addition, in many of these hotels there are also children’s clubs in which activities are carried out with staff who play with them, so that they can play with other children their age and with activities aimed at them.

Family Services

Not only do we sometimes want the hotel to have children’s play areas, but also services that are geared towards the comforts of families. Being able to take the pet with us is one of them. We can also look for hotels with babysitting service so that the children are cared for while we visit nearby places with peace of mind. Another option they tend to like is that the restaurant serves exclusive children’s menus for them, so that they eat better.

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Entertainment for all

We don’t just want children to entertain themselves during the holidays. In most hotels it is possible to find children’s areas but also other spaces for adults to enjoy at the same time. Choosing a hotel that has a games area or a mini-club, but also a spa area for adults is ideal, as relaxation is guaranteed.

We can also look for hotels with tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools for adults only and other ideas that we like. The fundamental thing is that the whole family enjoys the trip, even if it is with activities designed for each one. And if we want joint activities, we can look for hotels that organize excursions for the whole family. Book a reservation for your family vacation at The Savoy Hotel in Double Bay today!


The services of the hotel in question are important, but so is the location. Think of a place that everyone can enjoy. A mountain hotel has ski resorts where there are activities for children and adults, ski schools and other things. A beach hotel has a swimming pool and also beaches to enjoy. It is important that the hotel is central, to avoid long journeys that can tire children, or having to rent a car to get around.

A hotel that is close to areas that may interest us is a great idea, be it water parks, ski resorts or beaches and natural places to do activities.

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