Tips for choosing the right accommodation

Choosing accommodation for a trip is not an easy task. Exorbitant prices, that the area is as central as possible, flexible entry and exit times … A large number of doubts and fears come to mind when searching.

Here are some small tips to choose the right accommodation that we always apply when traveling. By following these little tricks, you will get to enjoy your trip to the fullest, we hope they will help you!

Study the destination or the location very well

The location of our accommodation should always be our priority as we can save a lot on transportation. This is vital to choose the accommodation well and not make mistakes. Saving on accommodation allows us to spend much more on leisure activities, excursions or eating local food.

First of all, we have to evaluate, and this will depend on the city in which we are looking, if it is convenient for us to pay more and be in the center (and save on transport) or if we pay less while being far away but with the cost of transport included.

In general terms, if the difference is small, we always recommend looking for accommodation in the center, since it allows us to save time in getting from one point to another and soak up the culture of the city. Choosing the right accommodation is essential to avoid losing travel hours that could be used to visit more places. This is one of the best tips for finding accommodation while traveling.


See if you need 24-hour reception

It seems silly but it is not, you never know what we may need or what time and in our opinion it is one of the essentials when choosing between one accommodation or another. Being able to count on someone’s help at all times can make a big difference. One night in some countries, cell phones were stolen, the worst thing is that we had some documents and the credit card there so we had to cancel it immediately. Neither of us had backup mobiles and we were saved by the receptionist, who lent us his (they didn’t have a landline) and we were able to call and cancel instantly.

It is also very annoying to have to return at a certain time, if we want to go out to party it is not good to have a curfew as if we were children again. Another scenario in which it is important to know if there is a reception during the night is if your flight arrives at the destination very late, so you have to check-in late at night.  Choosing the right accommodation is now easier.

Check the check-in and check-out times

Related to the above, reviewing the time of entry and exit to the accommodation gives us greater freedom to organize ourselves. Many times we arrive in a city at 5 in the morning and the departure time from the hotel is at 10, in our case we prefer to wait a few hours and save the hotel night if we are only going to use it for that time. Taking these details into account can save us a lot of money and frustration.

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Choose accommodation with free cancellation if possible

If we are not sure of the dates but we like an accommodation a lot, we can take advantage of reserving it if they do not charge us for the cancellation, this is a common option in Booking for example. It can make it much easier for us to get good prices if we secure a place and then when we arrive in the city we look to find no better last minute deals.

Breakfast or pension

First of all, it must be said that this will depend on the city we are in but in general we can save money if we find an accommodation that includes breakfast.

In general, we look for an option that includes some food since we can really take advantage of it and avoid having to buy something to eat later that can greatly increase our budget.

On the other hand, in some cities it might even be useful to book accommodation with half board, since they are usually buffet options and we can eat in abundance to save money on food later.

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Read the comments well

It seems silly but reading the comments has saved us from choosing wrong accommodation many times.

First of all, it helps us a lot to know the opinion of someone who has stayed in that place and has no intention of selling it. Accommodations often exaggerate their virtues and hide their flaws in order to attract clueless travelers. The only way to prevent this from happening to us is by reading what other travelers have to say. They will be the ones who really have an honest and disinterested opinion to give us. Choosing the right accommodation, we hope you find it easier thanks to this guide.

We hope you liked it and that traveling cheaply and sleeping cheaply while traveling will be easier for you. Until next time!

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