Dangerous Goods Licensing for the carriage

Dangerous Goods Licensing is a document that allows the use of vehicles with different carrying capacities for transporting explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive and other substances on public roads. The absence of permits during the check is guaranteed to lead to penalties.

Our company provides assistance in preparing documents for obtaining a license for the transport of Dangerous Goods Licensing by road. This way, you can minimize the waste of time, and at the same time ensure that there are no complaints from the inspection authorities.

Dangerous Goods Licensing Act

The first question that arises for a carrier is whether a license is needed to transport Dangerous Goods Licensing by road? Previously, to provide such services, you really had to go through the licensing procedure. Today, licenses as such are required only for the transport of alcohol and hazardous municipal solid waste.

The current regulatory framework in the Australian Federation requires that a company transporting goods of various hazard classes (DG) obtain a special permit. Similar requirements for the carrier are contained.

The registration procedure is spelled out in the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Australia. To receive it, the territorial branch of must provide copies of documents for the vehicle that will be used for transportation, as well as:

  • A document confirming that the vehicle can be used for the Dangerous Goods Licensings.
  • Certificate confirming the preparation of the driver for the transportation of exhaust gases.
  • Information about the carrier company.
  • Information about the route (route, places of loading, unloading, parking and refueling).
  • Information about the cargo.

A prerequisite for obtaining a permit is the payment of the state fee. A receipt for payment is attached to the package of documents.

Price for registration of a Dangerous Goods Licensing

The cost of services for representing the interests of a transport company in state authorities for obtaining a permit for transporting exhaust gas depends on several factors. The price is influenced by the amount of preparatory work, the complexity of the documentation, as well as the urgency..

The costs of paying for such services are paid off by reducing the burden on the company’s own staff and saving time. In addition, a properly executed permit will allow you to avoid fines during verification

The advantages of our company

If you need a Dangerous Goods Licensing that allows you to transport liquids, gases and solids of different hazard classes, then you can delegate interaction with the branches to our specialists. Extensive experience in working with government agencies in the field of licensing allows us to properly draw up documentation for the inclusion of a vehicle in the register of categorized vehicles and obtaining permits.

Another advantage will be the affordable prices for the services of our company. At a low cost, you will get the guarantee that all the permits you need will be processed quickly and correctly.

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