Decorative board for fencing

Wood is still one of the most fashionable and prestigious materials for building fencing – a natural material with a beautiful texture and natural aura. A wooden fence fits harmoniously into any landscape, becoming a natural part of the landscape. In most cases, wooden fences are solid or transparent structures made of traditional picket fences . It is difficult to come up with something new here, but with a creative approach, a familiar wooden fence can be unusual, stylish and original, which is successfully proven by the company.

A standard planed fence board measuring 20x140x2000 mm can remain the same familiar wooden picket fence, but it can also become a real work of art. Triangular and diamond-shaped teeth of the upper part of the board have long become classics of wooden fencing, so our designers have proposed new solutions for decorating the ends and side edges of the fence board, including complex curved shapes.


The stereotype requires the use of only one of the planes of the board, but if you additionally process its side edges, you can get unusual effects. The use of decorative boards will decorate the fence fabric with an openwork rhythmic ornament of rhombuses, circles or figures with more complex geometry, reminiscent of heraldic symbols.

The original decorative fencing board , assembled into a solid wood fence, has a unique design that can give individuality to any site. The creative drawing of the fence board will not only give home ownership an exclusive aesthetics and set it apart from typical suburban areas surrounded by boring and equally faceless corrugated board or brick fences. A variety of techniques and methods for finishing wood planks will also help to make the fence around your site unique and stylish.

Making a decorative fencing board

For the production of decorative picket fencing, we use coniferous wood – spruce, pine and larch. Our company offers for sale finished products from wood of natural moisture and chamber drying. The range of decorative boards is represented by two main types:– a board with a figured end;- a board with a side curly edge. The processing of the upper part of the board in the form of simple geometric shapes allows you to create fences with a carved top edge, reminiscent of decorative elements of old Russian house carvings.

 Such a board organically fits into the concept of decorating garden and suburban areas, creating recreation areas, fencing lawns and front gardens. A board with decorative trim on the side edges forms a beautiful through lace pattern on the fence fabric, which associatively refers us to the delicate aesthetics of Vologda lace. Fences made of such a board are ideal for wooden houses in the style of Old Russian architecture, alpine chalets and country-style exteriors.


Fence board finishing Impregnation with protective compounds increases the service life of a wooden fence at least 3 times. Antiseptics and fungicides are used to protect against biological factors. Decorative finishing involves processing the surface of the board with impregnations, glazes and wood paints. 

The use of glazing antiseptics allows you to combine decorative and protective finishes in one processing process and to show the natural texture of wood. Oil-based compounds increase the resistance of the board to moisture and can improve the appearance of the material, creating an imitation of a more valuable wood species. Different layers of wood differ noticeably in their physical characteristics and absorb oil unevenly, therefore the structure of the wood acquires special expressiveness.

The inhomogeneity of the material is also the basis of the technologyartificial aging of wood . The simplest way to give a fence a noble aged look is patina, but this technique is often used in combination with a specific mechanical treatment – brushing. Brushing is used to simulate the natural wear and tear of wood. To do this, the surface of the wood is sequentially processed with brushes of different hardness, which scrape out soft layers of wood, grind and polish the resulting grooves. 

Depending on the intensity of processing, you can get products of different “age”. In this case, the brushed boardnot only does it not lose quality and durability, on the contrary, complex multi-stage processing increases the resistance of the material to adverse environmental conditions. The artificially aged fencing board is distinguished by its spectacular design, practicality and durability. Brushed board fences can be made in both the simple-minded country style of the country, and in the Gothic style of the dark Middle Ages and can become a stylish element of the design of a country house, chalet hotel or private hotel.

Decorative board fences Ready-made fencing sections made of decorative boards can become both elements of an independent wooden fence, and fill the spans between massive posts of combined fences. Decorative fence board is organically combined with various materials: forged metal, brick, natural and artificial stone. Particularly original is the combination of a slotted board with pillars made of concrete fence blocks with a surface for chipped stone, which allows you to create fences of various styles. In addition to the classic wooden fence, our company offers original welded combined fences “Eclectic”, where the reliability and strength of the metal is organically combined with the living warmth of natural wood.

Installation of a fence from a decorative board company installs wooden fencing made of decorative boards in Moscow, the Moscow region and other regions. A decorative board fence is mounted in the same way as traditional wooden fences. Metal, wooden, brick or concrete pillars are used as load-bearing elements of the fence. 

Horizontal veins (logs) made of wood or metal are attached to the bearing pillars, to which the fencing board is attached, or the finished fence sections are mounted directly between the fence posts. The company performs design and a full cycle of works on the installation of fences made of decorative boards of any complexity. At the design stage, if necessary, a 3d model of the future fence is developed. 

Our consultants will help you decide on the choice of design, construction and materials for the fence, taking into account all your wishes and financial capabilities. You can order the construction of a turnkey fence or buy all the necessary materials in our store.

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