New home builder: living space increases

In their quarterly barometer, home builder note the increase in the overall budget intended for the construction of a new house in the fourth quarter of 2019. According to them, this increase is explained by the increase in living space, favoured by advantageous credit rates, and not by the cost of construction per square meter, which on the contrary decreased this last quarter. Details.

Like every quarter, house builder, in partnership , publishes its new construction barometer. Note: the overall budget was increased again to 4 th  quarter 2019 to € 321 830 on average.

The cost per m2 decreases, and the living area increases

home builder

According to the two specialists,house builder this increase in the budget can be explained by the increase in living space, averaging 128.4 m2 in the fourth quarter of 2019, more than by the cost of home builder construction per square meter, which for its part decreased. After peaking at € 1,688 / m2 last quarter, this indicator actually declined in the fourth quarter, reaching € 1,635 / m2.

The cause of the increase in the cost of the budget would therefore be to be found on the side of the increase in living space. The latter would indeed have reached a record since the launch of the barometer in 2012, with 128.4 m2 (against 123.5 m2 in the previous quarter). 

Increase in average living space in the 4th quarter of 2019.home builder

home builder

“  The particularly attractive credit rates of recent months have encouraged the Australian to think bigger, to devote a larger budget envelope to their construction projects, encouraged in this by home builder he drop in construction costs per square meter. This combination of favorable parameters explains the fact that this indicator reaches, in this fourth quarter of 2019, its highest point,  ”explains Thomas Modolo, communication manager house builder.

Another explanation for the increase in this overall budget: the increase in the portion dedicated to gross construction: “  We note in this edition that what increases the overall budget allocated to the home builder construction of a new house, it is neither the purchase of the land, nor the finishes, currently relatively stable, but rather the part dedicated to gross construction: this amounted to 179,480 euros this quarter, or + 5.15% compared to the same period l ‘last year  ,’ says Thomas Modolo.

In terms of materials, the concrete block, used at 53.5%, continues to gain the favor of the French, in particular because of its price, up to two times lower than that of brick, which however comes in second position, with 33 , 7%. ”  If the concrete block is less insulating than the brick, the recourse more and more marked with the insulation by the outside makes it possible to offset this disadvantage  “, note the specialists.

Finally, the customer satisfaction score house builder turns out to be quite honorable for this fourth quarter of 2019, with 16.67 out of 20. It thus approaches the record for the second quarter of 2017, which had obtained the score of 16.79 out of 20. Conversely, the lowest score of 14.15 out of 20 was given in the third quarter of 2018.

Home builder customer satisfaction score in the 4th quarter of 2019.

Thomas Modolo concludes on the impact that the future RE2020 may have on the cost of construction per square meter: ”  Its next entry into force risks causing considerable upheaval in the sector: with the new thermal standards, the construction cost per square meter will undoubtedly surge in the coming months, forcing future owners to lower their living space for an equal budget  . ”

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