5 house accommodation tips for your vacation trip

Today in the happy traveler we bring you a topic that you are going to love, because as you know, we like to give you the best tips and advice to make your trips the most special moments. When we travel one of the things that we must plan and organize in advance, is the place where we will stay. Unless of course, you stay with a relative, so you can save this expense and of course the investigation. But if this is not the case, you will have to be very careful and intelligent when selecting your accommodation. That is why today we bring you some tips to make this task easier. Don’t miss them!

Learn 5 tips for choosing accommodation. Discover them!

Accommodation is perhaps the most important part of a trip. Not only due to the fact that this will be the place where we will sleep and leave our belongings, but also because a large part of our budget goes to it. One of the problems that we usually find is that the place is nothing like the photos or what they offered us. Which depending on the case, will make the experience bad or very bad. That is why we recommend that you always check house accommodation reviews. It is the surest way to find a good place.

Remember that the place where you stay must have a good price-service ratio. It is not worth paying for something so expensive if it does not offer more. Of course, if your budget is limited, don’t have high expectations either. But of course, there will always be a good option and at a good price. So what should we take into account when choosing the accommodation for our trip?

house accommodation

1. The budget

Yes, of course, this is very important, we cannot start looking for anything if we do not know how much we have to pay. Sometimes we are dazzled by many beautiful photos. Beautiful house accommodations are everywhere, and we sure want to stay there with families and children. But we cannot always afford it, so it is not a good idea to fill our heads with these images if in the end we will not be able to opt for it. The only thing we will achieve is that afterwards nothing pleases us or seems enough to us.

2. What are you looking for?

Once the budget is defined, the next thing is to identify what we are looking for. Why? Because our destiny is very big and it may have many options for us. So the first thing is to know the destination, what places you want to visit, how many people go, and the weather. In this way we will have a base to start with.

If our destination is cold, you will know that you will need a place with heating, with a stove or perhaps with good room services, if you fancy a hot drink or something more comfortable. Depending on the number of people traveling, you will also know if you can choose a room with many beds, a cabin perhaps, separate rooms, or even if you only go with your partner a room and a double bed.

house accommodation

3. Location

When we look for a house accommodation, the most important thing is that we stay close to the places we want to visit. If, for example, your destination is the beach, and these are far from the capital of the country. Then you better look for an accommodation outside the capital. Unless of course, you want to spend hours moving to the nearest beaches.

On the other hand, take into account that the accommodation is close to places to eat, that it has good access to public transport, banks, among others.

4. Uses of accommodation

Many times when we travel we pay for a very expensive place with a lot of facilities that in the end we do not enjoy. So establish what is the reason for your trip. If, for example, it is a rest trip, and you plan to spend a lot of time in your accommodation, the ideal is to find the one that makes you feel at home.

On the other hand, if your idea is to go out in the morning and visit all the possible tourist places, as well as walk around the city. Ideally, spend less on accommodation, and look for options that have only the basic services you need. It is a matter of the type of trip and the plans you have. Book a reservation for your family vacation today!


5. Services

A good house accommodation always guarantees the best services. We are not saying that they have many services to offer, but that the services that are included in your package are optimal. So take care of the following aspects.

  • Free WI-FI: Today we are driven by connectivity. Not only because of work, but because we spend a lot of time on the networks and we like to upload photos of the places we know during the trip. It is also very useful to communicate with our family and friends, without having to pay for international calls. So, if so, why do you have to pay for wi-fi service? This service should be included yes or yes in our packages. If not, then make sure from the beginning, so that you do not get a surprise and remain completely disconnected.
  • Cleanliness: It is not that we cannot make our beds, but house accommodations must ensure that their clients are comfortable in a clean and tidy room every day. Change of sheets, towels and garbage cleaning, should be the most basic.
  • Food: Food is another important aspect, if our package includes breakfast, or breakfast and dinner, even the three meals, they should be adequate in quantity and quality. On a house accommodation, you can cook your own food as its part of your stay and let you feel like you are at home.
  • Customer treatment: This is very important; the first contact would surely be by phone. This is your opportunity to learn a little about the staff’s treatment of customers. It is the first impression and what will give you an idea of what the care can be during the stay. Although it is always a good idea to check customer reviews on the house accommodation website.

Do you know any other advice to choose the house accommodation? Have you had a bad experience during a stay? Leave us a comment, we want to read you.

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