How to become a home builder?

Getting into the home builder industries

Despite slight variations linked to the economic context and the measures applied by the State, remarkable stability has dominated the home builder sector since 2015. In 2016, sales of single-family homes were estimated at 133,600 units.

Getting into this sector does not mean confronting the same issues and problems as those of recent decades. Today, new trends must be taken into consideration to meet customer requirements: energy savings, passive home builder, space savings, the use of trendy materials such as steel or traditional materials such as wood

On the other hand, being backed by a professional in the field is very reassuring.This is why opting for a franchise network is always the optimal choice to get into such a sector.

In addition to the notoriety of a brand, a franchised home builder benefits from several tools promoting the development of his activity: advertising, marketing, partnership, etc.

He also benefits from the support and assistance of his franchisor, including theoretical training and immersion in the field.

Overall, a home builder can integrate more quickly and easily into his field of activity than an independent entrepreneur.

Signs of recovery in decoration and repair

Signs of recovery are increasing in the Australia economic fabric, especially in the home builder industry. Craftsmen are receiving more and more calls to start or resume work in progress, especially since by staying at home, we are witnessing a strong desire for a change of scenery on the part of customers.

Another sector benefiting from this reopening, that of repair, for example in roller shutters. Thus, Repar’Stores , present in this market, has noted “an increase in demand for the installation of electric blinds and shutters” for several weeks.

Same story in the brokerage in works, where belonging home builder network indicates receiving between 25 and 40% more calls.

For all these professions, the standards have been revised in depth and social distancing as well as the wearing of masks have become commonplace.

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