Types of fences, how to choose the right fence

The type of fences you choose will not only affect the outside of your home, but it will also provide the most important benefit of a personal home: security. Security and privacy are two of the most common reasons people want to buy their own homes instead of apartments.

Aluminum fences

One of the simplest and most attractive types of fencing is aluminum. While it doesn’t provide the level of security that many homeowners look for in a fence, it is relatively maintenance-free and can essentially look like any other type discussed in this article. The only maintenance will take place during installation. However, along with safety, it is not as serious as you might think and we do not recommend it for areas with severe weather.


Wrought iron fence

When you see houses with distinctive fence designs, it is common for these homeowners to opt for a wrought iron fence. While wrought iron fences are strong and beautiful, they require constant maintenance. If you want to preserve their beauty, wrought iron fences must be sanded down or repainted every two to three years.

Also, going back to the secret part of the conversation, wrought iron fences aren’t a popular choice for the more conservative homeowner. Plus, wrought iron fences are custom made and therefore won’t come cheap.

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Vinyl fencing

Aside from its price, vinyl fencing is elite when it comes to any other category. In fact, some manufacturers claim that vinyl fences are nearly 5 times stronger and 4 times more flexible than comparable wood fences.

Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and paint-resistant, making it easy to clean up graffiti or any other unwanted stains. All you need is hoses and soap to keep them looking as good as new.

Installing a vinyl fencing may have a higher upfront cost, but considering its low maintenance and long lifespan, vinyl fencing is cheaper than many other types of fencing.

Chain fences

Chain fences do not add a sense of privacy to a home, but they do other basic fence functions well enough. Homeowners will be happy to know that they are cheap, durable, and need very little maintenance (like many other options).

Electrical fences

Invisible fences are mainly used to keep dogs through an invisible field of electricity. Typically, the installation involves placing the wire in a trench dug along the border that the owner wants to fence. A wireless transmitter is also installed to activate the wire. The final element in the fence is a battery-powered collar to receive the signal from the wire. The collar warns the animal when it is close to the border and the sound only sounds to the animal’s ear. If the animal tries to cross the border, the collar is electrocuted.

Farm fencing

Farm fencing is certainly not the case for everyone, but it plays a vital role in America. As with all non-agricultural homeowners, you have many options, such as wood, electric, barbed wire, woven or high strength. No matter what type of fencing you use, be careful that installation is expensive and timely. Given the volume of land plots, you can imagine what kind of labor is required to be hired to install the entire fence.

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