Transmitting power with the least Motorbike Servicing possible loss is the issue here. Subjected to rain, dirt, impurities, the chain kit deserves careful maintenance to last and preserve its qualities.Before lubrication, first clean. For this, you can use a bomb specially studied for the occasion, often equipped with a brush which makes it possible to remove impurities more easily. Another less expensive and just as effective solution: oil. Available in supermarkets or in stores, it cleans the chain perfectly. To improve the rendering, get a sprayer: recycle that of a glass cleaner, or use a brush.

Once your chain is clean, you Motorbike Servicing need to grease it. You can do this with jar grease using a paintbrush, a cruet, or an aerosol can. If you have a center stand or a stand stand, turn the wheel by hand (never with the engine running), while spraying the grease. With a side stand, advance the motorcycle and grease in stages, until you have gone around the chain.

Motorbike Servicing

Chain tension is measured by its travel. It must be at least 3 cm, but never exceed 5 cm. Make measurements in several places because the chain may have a, that is to say be more tight in some places than in others.

If your chain is loose you must do Motorbike Servicing.

If you can’t do it by hand, use your foot. To adjust the chain tension correctly, use Motorbike Servicing the markers. You can also take a meter. If you tighten too much on one side, the rear wheel will be crooked. After , tighten the wheel axle and the lock nut – if your motorcycle is fitted.

To adjust the tension, several systems exist with the principles of the pushed or pulled wheel. There are also so-called eccentric systems (photo on the left) . Generally, you Motorbike Servicing need to unscrew a BTR screw or nuts. Check the alignment of the wheel several times and each time it is tightened.

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