Real estate agent profession

real estate agent is a specialist who buys, sells or exchanges real estate. Solving the problems of clients, he chooses the necessary object, studies the demand and supply in the labor market, looks for buyers or sellers of real estate, concludes contracts.

The position of a real estate agent, in fact, includes one large-scale task – to find and select real estate with its subsequent purchase / sale or lease.

real estate agent

Places of work

  • real estate agency;
  • investment companies;
  • other organizations related to real estate transactions.

Professional realtors often set up their own small business or practice in private practice.

History of the profession

Previously, people who wanted to buy, sell or lease real estate were offered their services by the so-called commission offices, a prototype of modern real estate agencies. Such offices have arisen in connection with the growing demand for real estate and the more complex organization of the market. Along with the emergence of agencies, the profession of a realestate agent (residential, commercial, suburban) appeared and became popular.

real estate agent

Responsibilities of a real estate agent

The main job responsibilities of a real estate agent are:

  • buying and selling or leasing real estate;
  • receiving calls and advising clients;
  • display of objects (premises, buildings, offices, etc.);
  • preparation of documents required for the transaction;
  • conclusion of contracts;
  • finding clients and increasing the client base.

Requirements for a real estate agent

Here is a list of the basic requirements for a realestate agent:

  • education (secondary or higher);
  • PC knowledge.

Some employers have additional requirements, such as:

  • the presence of a personal car;
  • work experience (real estate);
  • knowledge of a foreign language (most often, English).
how to become a real estate agent

How to become a real estate agent

To become a real estate agent, it is enough to take courses that are organized by real estate agencies or personnel services. Usually such training is free. A college degree is generally not required, but provides broader career prospects.

Real Estate Agent Salary

How much does a realestate agent earn? Typically, a real estate agent’s salary consists of a small salary and commissions from “closed” deals. Most often, a realestate agent receives 3-10 percent, which on average is about 50-100 thousand rubles a month.

Where to get training

In addition to higher education, there are a number of short-term studies on the market, usually from a week to a year.

Institute of Professional Education “IPO” invites you to take distance courses in the direction of ” Real estate transactions ” (there are options 256, 512 and 1024 academic hours) with obtaining a diploma or certificate of the state sample. We have trained over 8,000 graduates from nearly 200 cities. You can undergo training as an external student, get an interest-free installment plan.

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