Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Newcastle Removalists

You’ve done most of the planning for your big day and while this is exciting it can also be stressful if you don’t have the right mover choosing a moving company that’s right for you is one of the most important steps in the moving process.

In this blog we will outline the ten most common mistakes people make when hiring a mover and how you can avoid each of them mistake number one deciding to go with the mover that has the lowest price oftentimes quality goes hand-in-hand with price well the price may seem low.

Now it probably won’t after the Newcastle Removalists tack on additional costs later on in the deal remember rogue Newcastle Removalists will often lure customers with incentives free services very low cost be aware of this.

And make smart decisions mistake number two getting moving quotes over the phone and submitting an online inventory list of things you need to move without actually visiting your home moving companies aren’t able to give you an accurate estimate after visiting your home Newcastle Removalists will be able to review everything you’re moving.

Newcastle Removalists

And ensure at the end of the move the inventory they quoted on matches what was moved mistake number three not receiving estimates from several moving companies in order to get a feel for what’s fair it’s important that you get estimates from at least three different moving companies.

This will ensure that you received the most accurate and reasonable estimate for your move mistake number four not researching the moving company in order to ensure that your items are in good hands and your Newcastle Removalists are reliable and trustworthy.

It’s important to do a background check on them the easiest way to do this is by visiting their offices doing a simple Google search for customer reviews and lastly looking up the company on protect your move go here you can make sure the company has a moving license.

And view any complaints about the company mistake number five not planning ahead one of the busiest times for Newcastle Removalists is summer time if you’re thinking about moving around this time be sure to reserve your spot for in advance this will help you avoid the stress of not getting the reservation.

And possibly having to pay more mistake number six not asking about extra cost you might be charged oftentimes Newcastle Removalists companies may charge additional fees for services such as moving items up and down stairs not having a close parking space for the moving truck.

Newcastle Removalists

And packing supplies for items not properly packed be sure you know what additional cost your moving company charges before the move mistake number seven not asking the right questions.

There are so many details to consider when hiring a moving company and it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure your with a reliable company that has your best interest in mind some of the questions.

That consider are is the company registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does the company subcontract to smaller companies and what’s the  company’s rate per pound.

And rate for distance for the move mistake number eight not checking with the Better Business on the Newcastle Removalists complaint record it is rare to find a moving company free from complaints the Better Business not only allows you to view the company’s record of complaints.

But most importantly enables you to see how and if these complaints were handled you want to be sure you’re going with a mover who will handle any complaint you may have in a prompt.

And appropriate manner mistake number nine not informing the mover of any unusual situations they may run into before the move to make sure your final estimate and moving costs are accurate it’s important to tell the moving company upfront.

Newcastle Removalists

If they’re going to run into any problems these problems can include parking problems road access delivery time restrictions and elevators or stairs each of these situations can increase the cost of your move mistake number ten forgetting to keep track of the different estimates.

You receive as you talk with several moving companies each one will offer you a slightly different estimate to ensure you choose the best one for you make sure you keep a folder of each estimate.

You receive this will also help show other Newcastle Removalists you are doing your homework and gives you more of a competitive edge so there you have it the top ten mistakes to avoid when hiring a mover with a little planning and research you’re sure to find the best Newcastle Removalists company for your.

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