Reasons newcastle towing companies suck

People often ask for my advice and I’m not a fan of telling people advice for things newcastle towing companies not familiar with except for this I am no stranger to the world of tow trucks especially with lowered vehicles.

So you’d think that I’ve learned all the lessons there are I’ve learned them but newcastle towing companies sure as hell have not applied them so I ended up with this a $ tow bill to tow a Lamborghini am hour-and-a-half there are so many things.

I could have avoided and newcastle towing companies figured why not make this constructive and positive and share with you three simple steps to avoid damage and headaches while towing an exotic beautiful.

Step one make sure they’re prepared this shouldn’t even be a step this whole blog shouldn’t be a video but sadly this is the real world when they ask you what type of vehicle they’re towing.

newcastle towing companies

They’re often going to end up bringing its flatbed great that’s awesome car looks cool up on a flatbed but they also need to bring tons of material to make sure your car can get up onto that angle if a flatbed generally is going to come down on like a shoveled angle.

And you have to get that car over that little crevice the problem is this company brought two small pieces of wood what happened well newcastle towing companies got this close to losing my here’s minutes of loading the game car that would have been great and fine if newcastle towing companies wasn’t in a hurry oh wait.

Newcastle towing companies wasn’t in a hurry they were billing me hourly step to make sure they don’t damage the car Jesus newcastle towing companies really need to make this blog so when a vehicles on a flatbed.

They’re generally going to have to fasten it to the bed somehow they will take tow straps wrap them through your tires and connect them back into the bed the problem is those tow straps are very beefy and they will scratch the out of your rims this newcastle towing companies again didn’t even think about it.

And newcastle towing companies had to make sure to request that they add some sort of either microfiber cloth or some other sort of dampening material between the strap and the tires step try and find ways to save as much money as possible so if you’re not a fan of paying so dollars like.

Newcastle towing companies am NOT a fan of there’s a cool little trick mind you newcastle towing companies am in no way sponsored or suggested or any of those sort of things with this and you’ll find out why in a second but it’s a little towing service called triple a triple a is a thing at least here in the state where it’s like an insurance for you.

Getting you know stranded on the side road they’ll bring you gas or some other like that but then port service with the basic one is that they will tow your vehicle a couple miles maybe once or twice a year if you pay for the more premium towing service you get.

newcastle towing companies

Newcastle towing companies think more miles like to miles and you also get for tows a year that really pays off if one of your friends in your group buys the towing service maybe if they tipped in.

And as long as that friend uses their name and shows up for the help the tow is paid for under the survey here’s how a flatbed loading unloading is properly handled the nice little ramps create that perfect balance between the two.

And your front bumper does not scratch the same thing that’s unloading perfectly smooth here’s how was treated much smaller ramps well it might seem like they has been nothing but problems for me.

It’s quite the opposite it just makes for good camera work and enjoyable blogs what next week blog is we’re going to actually talk about why it was even towed to begin with which is about time.

Newcastle Towing had a little bit of problems engaging that collection you know you got twenty five thousand miles on the exotic is you got to pay the piper so check that out next week.

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