Performing a Building Inspections Newcastle

it’s really simple because then you know that you already saw that other Building Inspections Newcastle side remember never walk backwards on a roof that is unsafe it’s very easy to fall off the edge now looking back here this gutter is full of water looks like it may not sloped correctly it does have some debris in it but this side over here is completely full this side isn’t

So when I’m down I’ll take another look at Spa Certification the slope of this gutter I’ll also mention that standing water at it doesn’t appear to be draining correctly I like to see silicone on our bolts here I can see where there’s silicone a few holes up these are always kind of moisture penetrations just like a nail in a shingle.

We always want to see caulking on top of them here’s our main house flue we have some deteriorated paint want to look at this for cracking corrosion damage things like that want to make sure our Defect Inspections sewer boots have been replaced most of our jurisdictions require they be painted it does make them hold up better for the UV side.building inspections newcastle

Here we have an evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler I will note that the lower flashing is loose it looks like it’s winter ice so we can’t run it I do try to look up a little bit Defect Reports and see what kind of corrosion we have you’re not required to take the cover on but it definitely looks like it needs to be serviced doesn’t look like.

It’s terribly old you know Dilapidation Inspections I asked tell them to ask the seller how old it is but my suspicion is or it was replaced with the roof now here we have a true that’s really close the recommendation is get rid of the tree but do look at the gutters see how much debris is in them actually not as much as I thought there was going to be a lot of times.

We’ll see soffit damage when this situation occurs just because the gutters can’t keep up we have a ridge vent here our singles look good I’m going to come over here Dilapidation Reports where I can stand and I’m going to look and see how many layers we have and here this furnace flue or a roof food flashing is loose also so I’m going to make a note about this does look like we have one layer so I’d write this up with the top composite roof with one layer.

building inspections newcastle

I just changed into my inside shoes I also put booties on you know we have to remember to respect the property we’re in it’s not ours it’s never going to be ours you know your clients are buying the house you’re not so I always put booties Timber Pest Inspections on I won’t walk in the house that I don’t know without them when I first get the house I like to come and just take a bunch of pictures and I take / of every room at this time .

I’m going to turn on the oven a little bit later then I switch it over to broil but that way one come in and inspect the kitchen I turn the water the oven off so I don’t go home wonder at night if the ovens still on you know also you know Pre-Purchase Building Inspections when I start the inspection I come back and I start right here I always work in a clockwise rotation around the house you know do this room the next room work my way up and I finished the basement you want to get a systematic approach it doesn’t matter

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