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Best home inspections here to show you what a basic Home Inspection is thanks for having me out today when I start I take a bunch of pictures you know to begin with I always take a couple pictures in front of the house you know these are your memory they’re also you know unfortunately if you do have a an issue down the road where somebody is questioning something. see more at:

It would achieve your get out of jail card free you know if you can’t see it you can’t report it you can respect inspect it so the more pictures you take the better you know I include defect pictures in my report some guys include a lot more pictures than that but I don’t like to make things hard to read difficult things like that you know our primary concern here is safety.

You know so whenever a trip hazards things like this we’re going to point them out when you cut pictures of the house and then we’ll talk about the driveway and we consider anything with a / and ranch of difference to be a trip hazard so this driveway we can see that we have a couple of trip
Sydney Building Inspections hazards on it we can also see from these little holes here that it’s been mud jacked before that means.

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It’s settled once they’ve jacked it back up and it’s settled again so chances are if they have somebody out my jacket it’s going to settle for a third time you know the long term solution is probably going Pre-Purchase Building Inspections to be to replace this driveway you know your clients going to be you know Qura $, expense there at some point so it’s fairly substantial you want to make sure.

They know about it you want to make sure that they know that you know it’ll probably reoccur it’s not your job to tell them prices but you know if you know if you and your head that’s a good idea ok Sydney Pre-Purchase Building I like to walk on the sidewalks you don’t want to inspect in a house I’ll walk on the grass but the last thing I want to do is come up straight to a house due to grass you know it just doesn’t show respect.

If a seller is at the house they don’t like it again we can see on this sidewalk here we have my jacking it looks like it’s settled here we may have a little erosion again this sidewalk you know long term they’re probably going to have to replace Pest Inspections it you know least pointed out to them it isn’t a trip hazard right now so it’s not an immediate concern but you know at one point it is going to cost them some money.

Sydney Pre-Purchase Building I

We have looks like vinyl siding brick veneer brick is really nice because it helps shows foundation movement so you know I like to look make sure
Asbestos Inspection when you don’t have a horizontal crack here that would give me an indication the walls pushing in of course we’re looking for our stair stepping cracks things like that the front of this looks pretty good.

Now these trees here we’re going to talk about we never like to see any trees within foot of the house vegetation wise we don’t want to touch in the house it’s really hard on the siding this tree definitely has a potential to damage that foundation Construction Progress Inspection so my recommendation is going to be to get rid of it like you said this tree this tree here they’re both too close. these here we don’t like to see splashbacks used for our downspouts for a gutter system.

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