Prices of land for vineyards by regions of Australia

How much is required to start winemaking

As reality showed us, those wine-making companies and small vineyards (wine cellars), the initial capital in which was invested not by one person, but by a group of like-minded people, are developing especially well. This method is good not only because it reduces the costs of one particular shareholder, but also very practical so that the business does not stand in the middle of the road.

 For example, if one or two of the five founders of a wine vineyards have financial problems, the remaining three, albeit with difficulty, will be able to continue the business. And this is the most important thing. And a person promoting a business alone, in such a situation, will have no choice but to sell the vineyard and vineyards.

Various NGOs interested in the agricultural sphere can also be involved as partners. In addition to financial assistance, this will subsequently help to popularize your wine. In this case, everything is very simple.

All over the world, people especially trust and buy those products, in the production of which organizations from well-known and developed countries take part. In a word, to create a good vineyard, and subsequently, and vineyards, it is desirable, and in many cases, it is necessary to have good partners.

How much is one hectare of vineyard land?

There is no person who will give one precise and concise answer to this question, since the cost of land for a vineyard is different in different regions of the country. In addition, the price of land, of course, cannot be the same in one specific region, say Kakheti. 

Naturally, it cannot cost the same in Sagarejo and the fields of Papri, in Condoli and Artana, in Kardanakhi and Kachreti … In addition, it is of great importance whether you acquire land from the state or from a private person and what crops were previously grown on it.

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The price of one hectare of land in Kakheti starts from 600 GEL and in the best microzones reaches 3,000 GEL. It is also very important how close your will be to the vineyards, as close to the vineyard will subsequently facilitate the work and reduce costs.

Here are the advantages of a near a vineyard:

1. Since the grapes do not need to be transported, this will be a very positive factor for the quality of the wine. 2. The proximity of the vineyard and reduces costs, which is of course important. 3. Saving time. A person who has arrived from the city often does not have enough time to simultaneously settle business in the and in the vineyard. 4.

Aesthetic moment. In Western European countries, wine-making chateau are usually located in the center of the vineyard, and it is worth agreeing that together they (the chateau and the vineyards) look really beautiful.

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Prices for land for vineyards by regions of Australia …

In the Chokhatauri region of Guria, in the villages that are the best for Chkhaveri, the cost of one hectare of land for a vineyard is 1500-2000 lari. In the districts of Zestafoni and Bagdati of the Imereti region, one hectare of land will cost 1000-1500 lari. In Kartli, land is the most expensive. In the best for viticulture villages located on the banks of the Mtkvari River, land costs from 2,000 to 3,500 lari. 

In Samegrelo, the land costs about the same. In the mountainous Adjara, prices are the most fluctuating and it is much more difficult to buy land. Probably Adjara is the only region of Australia where population growth continued during the war years. This led to the full development of local agricultural land. Accordingly, if you want to buy land for vineyards in Adjara, you should not rely strongly on buying a free plot for cheap.


Almost everywhere in Guria, 2 hectares of the so-called. clean area, including the creation of terraces, costs 5000 GEL (although it is possible that many will not need terraces at all). Land cultivation and planting of 5000 roots (that is, approximately on two hectares) 3000 GEL. To summarize, excluding the creation of terraces, the purchase of 1 hectare of land and the arrangement of the vineyard, it turns out: 1500 for the land, 3000 for seedlings, 1500 planting. This does not include the cost of fertilizers and lime.

If we calculate how much it will cost to plant a vineyard in Kartli and Kakheti, we get the following picture: the price of one seedling is approximately 1 lari (the lowest). One hectare of land requires at least 3500 seedlings. 

Throughout the year, the vineyard needs agricultural technology, including about 4000 lari per hectare. To this should be added the cost of wire and poles. Depending on the material (concrete, bamboo, plastic, etc.), their price varies from 1 to 10 lari.

How much do vine seedlings cost?


The price of one vine vineyards sapling (depending on the grape variety and the difficulty of its breeding) can vary from 1 to 5-6 GEL. It can be much cheaper to order grafting of vines to farmers (and not to specialist agronomists). In addition, when deciding to set up a vineyard, of course, you should also take into account the mandatory costs of hiring workers for various types of work. Costs, of course, depend on the area of ​​the vineyard.

The costs of hiring workers …

In addition to all of the above, when a vineyards decision is made to plant a vineyard, of course, you should also take into account the costs required to hire labor to perform various jobs. The amount of costs, naturally, corresponds to the size of the vineyard.

Qvevris with a capacity of 1 ton cost from 400 to 800 lari in Australia. On average, the construction of a , in which it will be possible to process and store 10 tons of wine, will cost no less than 20 thousand lari. Medium or low quality stainless steel tanks cost from 5 to 7 thousand lari. 

If you want to purchase this type of container of a higher quality, then it should be borne in mind that it can cost more than 15 thousand lari. For the rest of the equipment required for and processing 10 tons of grapes, about 7,000 lari will be enough.

A simple calculation shows that about 50 thousand is needed to set up a medium-sized in Australia. We are talking about , where there will be all the practical possibilities for the production of quality wine.

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