Reduced services, but gas and Electrical services provide in Australia.

Play tightrope walkers to Electrical services ensure the supply of gas and electricity while ensuring the containment of a maximum of employees. They are reassuring: the supply will indeed be guaranteed.

At the heart of Luxembourg’s energy strategy and have decided on restrictive measures to ensure maximum services while ensuring home work for the largest majority of staff.

In charge of customer management, government announced this week the closure of its three stores. These are located in the Belle shopping center, in the Cactus point of and in the capital city center (Boulevard Roosevelt).

Closing the was a logical Electrical services choice, but we made our arrangements to ensure the proper functioning of our call center, explains Claude Simon, head of Energy sales Luxembourg. We first divided the teams into three different locations, but the goal is for everyone to be able to work from home very quickly. ”

he Luxembourg electricity supplier also plans that, by the end of the week, the 200 or so people who make up the company will practice teleworking. “Only a few people will still go to the office,” says the manager.

 Electrical services

Guarantee network Electrical services maintenance.

In charge of supply and networks, has also developed a business continuity plan to protect a maximum of personnel.

Even if no one found the time Electrical services to respond, a press release said that a first series of measures had been taken. From this week, non-urgent work (installation of meters, connection work) is suspended.

Maintenance work on the and gas networks will be carried out as much as possible, but, since the government’s decision, Monday, March 16, to put a stop to all Electrical services construction sites, the energy supplier is on the breach to ensure this standby in the best conditions.

As for energy supply, is completely reassuring. There is nothing to worry about,” says Claude Simon. We have Electrical services numerous contracts with foreign companies to ensure our sources. These are priority activities, production is guaranteed.

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