Reliable protective barriers

The reliable High Security Line protective barriers are used to ensure the safety of the territory and to protect it from strangers. The type of construction used depends on the goals and financial capabilities of the client. It can be an entrance barrier, a spike or a bollard – an anti-ram retractable pole. The products are equipped with EFO electronics, which provide fast response – within 1.5 seconds.

If necessary, different types of protective barriers can be combined with each other. Individual operating concepts ensure convenient and easy operation.

One of the most important characteristics of a protective barrier is the level of safety. Different types of impact energy are used to measure the value. They show what kind of force a structure can bear and what happens to it. The impact energy depends on various parameters: the type of car, the weight and the speed at which it is moving.

Protective barriers Impact energy with destruction

This value shows how fast a car of a certain type can go so that the structure can withstand its impact. Thus, the barrier will prevent a through passage of a vehicle weighing 6800 kg, moving at a speed of 87 km / h. However, after this the product will have to be replaced, as it will be damaged.

protective barriers

Impact energy without destruction

This parameter means that the structure will not be damaged if a vehicle enters it. So, if a car weighing 6800 kg crashes into an obstacle at a speed of 52 km / h, the protective barrier will remain intact and continue to function as before.

This type of product is used at entrances and exits, the width of which is up to 6 meters. They provide a higher level of safety, have a Rating PAS68 certification or meet the requirements of this certificate. The protective structure of the Road Blocker 1000 can withstand the impact of a 7,500 kg truck traveling at 80 km / h.

The way the protective barriers are installed depends on the conditions at hand. Road Blocker is installed flush with the road surface or on the finished bed (in this case, no excavation is carried out). If there is no danger, the structure is lowered, providing free entry and exit of vehicles. In cases where it is necessary to prevent unauthorized passage of the car, the barriers are quickly put forward.

Spike protective barriers are designed for controlled one-way travel on a lane up to 6 meters wide. They do not allow to move in the opposite direction. If a person decides to drive despite the barrier, the spikes will damage the wheels, and after a few meters the car will stop.

When choosing a spike barrier, one should proceed from the conditions of its operation. If the structure will be used infrequently, the Tire Killer, which is installed on the finished surface, will do. For heavy duty use the Tire Killer H, which is flush with the road. It is more durable, better protects against the passage of trucks and large cars.

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