Price of repair of a metal roof

Metal roofs are a particularly attractive type of roof, especially because of their longevity (at least 50 years). From an aesthetic point of view, metal roofs can enhance a home by combining elegance and clean lines.

metal roof has a number of advantages which we present to you below:

  • Longevity – Quality metal roofs have a legendary longevity. The copper roof of some buildings dating from the 19th century is still intact today. This type of roofing proves to be as durable as a tiled or slate roofing but at much lower cost. Most manufacturers offer a guarantee of at least 30 years, proof of their confidence in this type of material.
  • Lightness – Metal roofs are generally lighter than most other residential roofing solutions. A metal roof represents approximately 1 / 20th of the weight of a tiled or slate roof. The structure of a home is less used when the roof is light. This last point is particularly important in regions where snow and ice are likely to accumulate on the roof during the winter.
  • Wind resistance – Metal panels designed to fit together have better resistance to strong winds than bituminous shingles, slates or traditional tiles.
  • Style – The metals used for this type of roofing are varied and range from more or less thick steel to quality copper, including aluminum, zinc alloys and stainless steel. Some models of metal roofs can imitate wooden, shingle, slate or tile roofs. These roofs are particularly fire resistant.
  • Respect for the environment – Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and energy efficient if they are well insulated. With the new trend of ecological constructions, metal roofs are on the rise because they are often designed with recycled materials. These roofs are generally recyclable themselves.

It is therefore not surprising that metal roofs have been very successful for some time.

Metal roof: common repairs

Metal roofs are durable and require basic maintenance. Simple regular checks are sufficient to take stock of any necessary repairs. The most common repairs are:


Leaks may appear along the fittings or at the singular points (skylights, vents) of metal roofs. Leaks are most often found at the valleys or edges at the joint of different roof sections. For example, poorly designed roof edges are likely to be a source of infiltration in the event of overflow of gutters or accumulation of ice sheets. Rainwater can also seep through roof vents or masonry parts. An early diagnosis of this kind of problem will limit repair costs to only a few hundred euros.

Most roof leaks are generally linked to poor workmanship when installing the roof:

  • Lack of suitable sealing materials at joints and roof penetrations.
  • No sealing strips at the screw heads.
  • No additional sealing strips at the flashings.
  • Absence or faulty installation of the ridge and roof edges.
  • The tightness of all the joints as well as of the lower part of the panels must be impeccable.

A professional equipped with special tools will be able to assess the condition of the joints in your roof. If it turns out that some joints are missing, it will be necessary to remove the panel, apply the sealing material and reinstall the metal panel. The hourly rate of a professional roofer ranges from 40 € to 60 € per hour.

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Cracks, slots and holes

It is quite possible to repair some minor damage. First, clean the surface and make sure it is completely dry. Then apply with a trowel a thick layer of about 1.3 cm of metal resin on the damaged area. Then apply a piece of fiberglass cloth and cover it with metal putty to create a uniform surface. Small cracks and crevices can also be sealed with a special roofing sealant. Do not neglect the preparation of the area to be repaired so that adhesion is optimal.

Rust and corrosion

Surface corrosion can appear on metallic roofs of a certain age, not for example in the form of very localized “pitting”. Severely corroded panels must be replaced. It is imperative to treat all traces of rust on the surface otherwise you risk having to change the entire panel in the more or less near future. The affected area should be sanded, scraped or brushed with a wire brush before applying a coat of anti-rust primer. You can then apply a thin layer of special metal roofing product.

Storm damage

The metal panels are generally securely attached to the frame and are very resistant to hail. However, a strong hailstorm can damage the joints as well as the flashings. If this is the case, moisture can then seep under the panels and enter your home. Strong storms can also reduce wind resistance, especially if certain roof edges and the fasteners have been incorrectly installed or are missing. The metal panels may then be lifted or deformed by strong winds.

If mentioned in your contract, functional damage caused by hail, high winds or other serious weather will be covered by your home insurance. Your insurance will mandate an expert to assess the damage and inform you to what extent the renovation and repair work will be taken care of.

Solutions to the main problems of metal roofs

The costs of labor are higher the slower and / or more complex the roof. Whether you are considering a partial or total replacement of your roof, we offer some solutions to the most common problems:

  • Applying a new coating – It is possible to extend the life of an aging metal roof by applying a layer of special coating for metal roofs. The amount of repairs to a metal roof is between € 100 and € 200 per square meter. The surface must be completely prepared: all traces of paint, rust, dirt and other contaminants must be removed. For this, professionals have special equipment: sanders, scrapers and wire brushes. High pressure cleaning can be considered if the damage is not too advanced. The application of a special coating must be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, in particular with regard to the thickness to be applied.
  • Waterproofing – Over time, sealants and sealants can shrink or harden and become brittle, allowing moisture to penetrate. Recent sealants have better elasticity and are less susceptible to these types of problems. There are also special adhesive tapes that can be used for minor repairs.
  • Repair and replacement of fasteners – The moisture resistance of your roof is above all guaranteed by the presence of a sufficient number of fasteners, combined with the installation of appropriate seals. Leaks generally appear where the fasteners have disappeared or are corroded. The cost of repairing fasteners depends above all on the cost of labor, i.e. € 40 to € 60 per hour.
  • Applying the gasket – If the gasket has not been properly applied to the screw heads, rainwater may enter your roof. The solution consists in tarring or sealing the fasteners with suitable and durable materials.
  • Replacement of panels and elements – Prices can quickly skyrocket when it comes to replacing entire sections or sections. The cost of metal panels for roofs varies widely depending on the metal used. Count from € 25 per square meter for thin steel shingles to € 150 per square meter for copper or zinc alloys. Even if you replace only some of your roof panels, the bill can quickly reach a few thousand euros.

Be aware that it is possible to benefit from certain State aids , tax credits, reduced-rate VAT and zero-rate eco loans, in particular insofar as the work undertaken makes it possible to improve the energy performance of your home.

Price of repair of a metal roof: maintenance of the roof

Regular high pressure cleaning will keep your roof in good condition and remove dirt. Although high-quality metal roofs are more durable, it is best to clean and inspect them once a year. Some professionals offer this kind of service.

These qualified experts are used to detecting the following problems:

  • Cracks, holes and other damage
  • Damaged seals
  • Displacement or stress suffered by certain signs
  • Damage caused by snow or ice build-up
  • Storm damage
  • Damaged surface coating
  • Dirty gutters and exhaust routes

After a strong storm, it is best to have your roof spontaneously inspected without waiting for the first signs of damage to appear. If branches have fallen on your roof, if debris has been projected onto your roof or in the event of heavy hail, panels may have been moved or the flashing may have been damaged. In any case, it is best to react as quickly as possible. Even if nothing is detected during the check, your peace of mind will be assured and this is priceless.

Also make sure that no branch is in direct contact with the surface of your roof. This can cause repeated friction which can damage the coating or the panels and eventually require their renovation or full replacement.

Price of a metal roof repair: full replacement

In the case of a roof that is improperly installed or arriving at the end of its life cycle, full replacement of the roof is sometimes the only solution. The price for installing a metal shingle roof is between € 25 and € 75 per square meter depending on the type of metal, while the price for installing metal panels is between € 58 and € 108 per square meter.

Note that in France the renovation of the roof is subject to certain rules specific to your place of residence (town hall, proximity to a remarkable heritage building, etc.).

Some owners who have tested the piecemeal small repair method will confirm that it is more economical to replace damaged parts in their entirety.

  • The estimated cost to repair a seriously damaged or corroded roof is close to that of installing a new roof.
  • Unidentified leaks can cause significant structural damage to the frame.
  • If repairs to the structure are necessary, the existing cover must be removed.

In return, the installation of a new metal roof comes with a roofer’s guarantee allowing you to be more serene.

With the proper installation of a new roof, you will significantly reduce the risk of leaks and structural damage. Note, however, that the replacement price of a metal roof is influenced by a number of elements:

  • In some cases, it is possible to install a metal roof directly on the existing roof and thus reduce the cost of labor (between 40 € and 60 € per hour). Be aware that the invoice will be higher as it will be necessary to replace elements of the frame.
  • It is generally easier to replace a slightly pitched roof than a steep one. The complexity of the structure also constitutes a factor of weight.
  • Roofs with skylights and other singular points also require more work. In the case of a very sloping roof with a complex structure, the invoice can be multiplied by a factor of three to five.

Price of repairing a metal roof: conclusion

It is true that the cost of installing a metal roof may seem higher at first glance than that of other types of roofs. However, its very aesthetic appearance and its durability make it a very attractive investment. A metal roof installed by a qualified and conscientious professional will last several decades. Note that to guarantee the sustainability of your roof, you are responsible for organizing regular checks on its condition. In the event of detection of a problem, a repair as soon as possible will always be much less costly than if you put the problem aside later.

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