In-app shopping with a complete ordering process on Instagram

The shopping function on Instagram is not very old yet, and Instagram is already taking the next step: From now on, the entire ordering process can be displayed on Instagram. That means users buy directly on Instagram without leaving the app.

Is somehow familiar? Facebook tried the whole thing a few years ago in the Facebook app.

Currently, it is a test and closed beta program, which takes place only in the US. A selected hand of companies can participate.

It’s a logical and understandable step from Instagram. However, we have to see how successful this test is, on Facebook, it always fell short of expectations. On Instagram, yet, we have a completely different environment.

Check out – This is how Shopping looks on Instagram:

How does it look like? A little impression you can offer this video.

shopping with instagram

In the end, that’s pretty easy. The marking of products on Instagram you already know and can now realize. This is also the first step for the user, after which users end up on a simple product page with product details, price, selection options … and then off to the CheckOut page.

Payment options within Instagram

If the complete ordering process takes place within Instagram, how do you pay for it as a user? Instagram is there, all American, on credit card companies or PayPal. There are no other options.

shopping with instagram

Whether and how more means of payment are offered at launch in Germany is unclear. From experience with Facebook in the past: rather no.

For companies: mapping the ordering process in Instagram

So far, there are still very few details about how exactly the backend looks like in the last steps. On Facebook, this is done either via an API interface or through partners.

At no cost, direct shopping on Instagram is not enough. Instagram is currently still working on a “selling fairy,” but does not give details.

If you want to sell directly on Instagram, you have to give Instagram a part of the profit (so far). However, it is quite true that Instagram has no interest in limiting this feature only to large companies and shops. Successful, the function can be to offer them to small businesses.

Do nothing and sulk, that there is something like that again, but is not an alternative, right? You can now create the basic setup for an Instagram Shop.

shopping with instagram

Prepare now: create your own Instagram shop

The basis for the complete ordering process in Instagram will be the shops on Instagram and the option to mark and link products.

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