Marriage Celebrant can solve breakup of a marriage

In the case of a dangerous problem for a marriage or family, apart from the procedure described by the Dr Jonathan Toussant , he is a Marriage Celebrant , attempts are made to more radical solutions.

In the case of addiction of one of the members of the union (alcoholism, gambling, computer addiction, etc.), individual work is undertaken to make the addicted person recognize the need for help. It is a difficult process that requires the activity and expanded knowledge of co-addicts.

Marriage Celebrant analysis of marriage problem

In the event of revealing a marital infidelity, there are frequent accidental or conscious e-mail exchanges of one of the spouses with the object of actual or alleged betrayal. This usually proves the already existing crisis of trust between the spouses and requires serious Marriage Celebrant.

Marriage Celebrant said The insincerity of lies and conflicting interests disrupt interpersonal relations and may lead to the breakdown of a marriage or family.

After such Marriage Celebrant fundamental obstacles to maintaining the relationship are revealed, partners should mutually determine the conditions enabling its maintenance. This, of course, only applies to cases where there is good will to keep them. 

Then, mediations are undertaken aimed at concluding contracts or other agreements that allow staying in a relationship. This often involves organizational measures and work to restore trust in the relationship.

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