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Burglars often try to go through the front door, because often the latter is left open or it is fragile enough to last only a few minutes. It should then be secured as it should.

Choose a good quality lock

To secure a front door, the first step to take is to choose a quality lock. Indeed, each lock has its level of resistance to break-ins. The most resistant locks are that certified A2P: there are A2P locks with 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. For example, a 1-star A2P lock lasts up to five minutes before giving in, while a 3-star A2P lock can last up to fifteen minutes. Generally, burglars don’t spend as much time trying to force a lock when it is too capricious, as they fear being caught red-handed. Depending on the available budget and other security devices on the door, you will have to choose the right compromise between cost and security.

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An alarm system with opening detector

However, you should know that any lock can give way when burglars are tough. It is therefore essential to complete the high-security lock with an opening detector connected to the alarm center. In the event of an attempted break-in, the two sensors of the detector security screens Newcastle will move away from each other by a few millimeters and the alarm will be triggered immediately. Opening detectors are also recommended for all openings and not for doors only: windows, roof windows, etc. Thus, the home, its occupants and the property therein will be safe at all times against attempted burglary.

A door chain

Because it is easy to break open a door and threaten the residents there, it is also necessary to install a door chain. This chain will then be one more obstacle to overcome for burglars; which will allow the occupants of the house to have room for maneuver and time. They can take the opportunity to call the police, for example, or press the panic button on the alarm remote control to notify the security company. However, care must be taken to choose a good quality door chain, so that burglars cannot cut it quickly and easily to access the accommodation.

A quality micro-mirror

To be safe, you always need to know who you’re opening the door to. Burglars can pose as deliverymen, representatives, and salespeople of all kinds. With a quality micro-mirror security doors with a wide-angle vision, the occupants of the house will be able to have a clear vision on the front porch and know exactly who is at the door, how many people there are, etc. It is also necessary to provide a light to light the front of the door so that you can easily recognize faces even at night. This also applies to the corridors of buildings which are often dark: with good lighting and a micro-mirror, the owners will know at all times who is ringing the door.

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