Types of automatic garage doors you can have in your garage

The regulations underline that the maintenance of existing garage doors in a property must be entrusted to a qualified company that guarantees that all the safety conditions and correct operation of the installation are met. 

That is why it is so important to be advised by a company specialized in the installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of all types of automatic doors: folding, sliding, tilting, rolling and sectional, among others, and their automatism.

It is essential to find a company that manages to minimize installation problems and that, in its maintenance contracts, remain alert to solve the inevitable breakdowns as quickly as possible.

automatic garage doors

The main types of garage doors that exist in the market are:

Folding garage doors

It is one of the most used systems. Its operation is based on one or two leaves that pivot on a vertical axis.

Sliding garage doors

They are a good option when we have large gaps to cover and for intensive use, given their great stability both in the closing system and in its automation. 

To install the sliding doors we must have a space that is wide enough so that when opening the garage door does not knock anywhere or prevent the opening is done in the correct way.

Overhead garage doors

There are different models, depending on the needs and space of the parking spaces. One of the most common models are those that normally consist of a sheet that rises and stays in the upper area of ​​the garage or two sheets that fold and stay in the same area. These overhead garage doors have the advantage that they take up little space.

Rolling garage doors

As if it were a large metal shutter, they have a system in which the door is collected at the top, usually inside a drum that has a horizontal crossbar in which the garage door is attached and around the which panels are rolled up. They have the great advantage of space optimization.

Sectional garage doors

There is a great variety that adapts to the needs of each of the garage spaces that we can find. Of all of them, possibly the best known and used are those that are composed of panels that are assembled next to each other and that can be adapted to any dimension.

automatic garage doors

Garage doors must be maintained as required in the aforementioned report of the Ministry of Industry. 

For a basic maintenance of the user, it must be verified that, in outdoor installations or areas of high humidity, there is total water resistance in the electrical panels, motor and other electrical components of the installation. 

In addition, the outer photocell detection housings must be kept clean and their correct operation checked regularly.

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