Warehouse planning with safety barriers security features

Many will find it odd to raise the issue of planning a warehouse safety barriers space with the use of safety barriers modern security measures. After all, all warehouses are built according to special rules and must comply with certain standards and requirements.

Rules for planning the internal premises of warehouses

safety barriers

Despite modern technological progress, only forward-thinking owners build warehouses taking into account all modern technologies. This approach to your real estate and its equipment will soon give one hundred percent result.

The warehouse has strictly defined norms and standards in placement and planning. They clearly spell out the standards for use and restrictions for the warehouse. Due to the use of lifting mechanisms, the use of loading equipment in the form of cars and loaders of various types, it is worth taking maximum measures to ensure the complete safety of warehouse workers, as well as the safety of equipment and material values ​​(important for chemical products).

Warehouse planning with safety barriers security features

The most effective method would be to use a quality safety fence. Such products are manufactured by safety barriers , which is represented on the Australian market by Verge Safety barriers. All products are safety barriers.

Plastic fencing for warehouse space

Warehouse space means the entire territory belonging to warehouses: courtyard, internal premises, places for unloading / loading operations of material values ​​or products (including raw materials), as well as premises for warehouse workers.

safety barriers enclosing structures are made of polymer-based materials with a certain design threshold for compressive and flexural strength. The products are on sale in the following assortment:

  • Curbs and protection for walls (both internal partitions and load-bearing).
  • Protective and enclosing safety barriers (for warehouse and outdoor transport).
  • Fencing structures for supports, platforms and columns.
  • Impact-resistant poles for the yard area and barrier fencing.
  • Enclosures for shelving inside the warehouse.
  • Impact-resistant fences of pedestrian zones in the territory of warehouses.

All these modern structures are designed to ensure 100% safety in the warehouse area.

Design features and methods of protection

Considering each of the enclosing structures from the point of view of the composition of the material, it should be noted that all of them are made of durable, environmentally friendly material (using polymer fibers), made using modern technologies on high-tech equipment.

The material has high strength, with elements of elasticity. That is, the pre-calculated degree of rigidity allows you to take the blows from collision of warehouse equipment during the period of manoeuvring, turning, storing or moving goods. The support or safety barriers during collision / collision is subject to slight deformation, without imparting inertia to the vehicle. The flexibility of the material allows you not to damage machines, carams or loaders. After shock absorption, the polymer structure returns to its original shape.

safety barriers

Everything is thought out in the design, even its color is black, like on road bumpers and bright yellow, signaling a warning of danger. Especially relevant is the yellow color for the interior of warehouses. In the total mass of rack equipment and products, goods and materials, it is clearly visible.

Warehouse transport can freely ply indoors, store, remove and move any material values, including:

  • Glass and glass containers
  • Chemicals, paints, emulsions and thinners
  • Explosive substances or with increased fire safety

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