What is Psychological Therapy?

Today Psychologists like to say something about the Psychological Therapy process people who have never been in Psychological Therapy before are curious to know what it’s about or what they might expect if they were to choose to engage in a course of Psychological Therapy with a clinician one way to answer.

That question or try to get at it is to say something about what Psychological Therapy is not one of the things that Psychologists find when you ask people what do you expect to get out of the sessions what are you hoping to achieve out of our work together people will often respond by saying that they’re looking for skills or tools to help them deal with some aspect of their life.

Whether it be anxiety depression or relationship problems of whatever now what’s interesting about that response you know newcastle psychologist that a skill or tool is that a skill Psychologists think implies that there’s going to be something that’s going to be taught explicitly.

That there’s this sort of pedagogical relationship between the clinician and the client of the patient and that the expert clinician is going to instruct the client newcastle psychology on how to deal with some problem or issue and there is Psychologists mean in any kind of Psychological Therapy both good and bad.

There there’s gonna be some of this ok so examples might be dealing with anxiety or symptoms of panic what a clinician might help a client with breathing techniques psychological health controlled breathing mindfulness exercises to help them you know deal with some of those those issues with depression.

There might be this aspect of kind of challenging rational Mental Health Care thoughts if they’re irrational and if it’s assumed that the irrational thoughts are causing some of this emotional distress that the client is experiencing now this sort of approach though I think is often not really doing a whole lot more than helping a person.

Manage symptoms right or cope with symptoms so the reason why I think a lot of people find themselves stuck in some aspect of their life is Mental Health they’re actually stuck because of something kind of operating just outside of their awareness.

That they can’t quite put their mental health care plan finger on and it’s usually something operating on a physiological kind of emotional level you know that that hasn’t been made explicit so I think in in good Psychological Therapy okay in a really good Psychological.

Therapy session what happens is a client walks out of the appointment not thinking explicitly oh Psychologists know something I didn’t know before Health and Wellbeing Services okay I understand something factual or I have a skill a tool that now.

Psychologists can utilize in a good Psychological Therapy session Psychologists think people walk out kind of feeling different they feel moved in some really important way they feel in some way

That they’ve been opened up you know to experiencing things in a different way and it’s those kinds of experiences in Health Services Psychological Therapy I think that really kind of promote kind of growth and kind of change that people are looking.

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