When To Change The Motorbike Spares

An operation Motorbike Spares of utmost importance for the proper functioning of a car is knowing how to change the oil filter on time, since the function that the oil performs in the engine is vital for its correct operation.

Oil reduces friction on moving parts of a car. The filter is in charge of protecting the impurities, fragments or residues of the combustion that has been produced by the rubbing of the engine components.

If the filter was not in good condition, the breakdown in our engine would be very serious and expensive.

motorbike spares
Motorbike Spares

When Should Motorbike Spares I Change The Oil?

According to the car manufacturer’s recommendation, the oil should be changed every 10,000 or 20,000 kilometers, or once a year.

There are two types of oils and each must be changed in one way:

Mineral oils: Change them once a year.

Synthetic oils: change it every 30,000 kilometers.

Changing the oil filter is not expensive and neither is buying the filter

Therefore it is better to take into account all these tips before causing a much bigger breakdown that costs us more.

When To Change The Fuel Filter

The function of the fuel filter in gasoline engines is different from that of Diesel cars.

This filter prevents impurities from entering and reaching the injection circuit, pressure pump, injectors or the supply circuit.

motorbike spares
Motorbike Spares

Fuel filter helps to extend the life of our engine

it is located in a cavity which has an opening that houses the filter element inside, so it has easy access so that its change is simple.

When To Change The Fuel Filter?

The first thing to do is see the manual of our vehicle, there they will give us some recommendations for its change.

Given the importance of the fuel filter

we must know that if it is clogged or does not filter as it should, it will surely cause loss of injection pressure, clogging of the injectors and serious breakdowns in the high pressure pumps.

As a general rule, the change is made every 20,000 kilometers or a year.
Changing the filter is not a great economic expense (web mega-workshop) but it is if we do not change it.

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