How to easily pass a Building Inspection in 10 great ways

The Technical Building Inspection (ITE) is a mandatory and periodic technical control that all old buildings must pass, in order to guarantee their safety.

The Technical Building Inspection is a type of legal preventive maintenance, which is periodically subjected to the buildings to the revision of a number of elements affecting the security of the property and the people who inhabit it. ITEs are regulated by Royal Decree-Law 8/2011 of July 1 and by the various Municipal Ordinances, which determine the conditions for inspections. In the case of Australia, the municipal standard that regulates the ITE is the Regulatory Ordinance of the Duty of Conservation, Building, and Technical Inspection of Buildings.

The logical passage of time not only makes a dent, obviously, on people. Also in our buildings. It is usual that sooner or later we hire a renovation company to carry out a partial reform or a comprehensive reform of our house in order to update it. Hiring professionals specialized in facade rehabilitation is also common, especially for those buildings that have accumulated decades of life since their construction. To alleviate structural problems that can even jeopardize the physical health of tenants. Once it is time to carry it out, what aspects are the most important that we must take into account? How to pass the inspection successfully? What issues should we pay particular attention to?

House approve through building inspection

The 10 golden rules of a Technical Building Inspection

  1. Experience. Opting for a professional company with experience in the Technical Inspection of Buildings in Barcelona should be a priority for any neighborhood community. This should be well advised and informed before choosing, the ITE is a very important procedure.
  2. Competent technicians. Regarding the previous bridge, it should be noted that it is important that the technician who is going to carry out this Technical Inspection of Buildings in Barcelona must be independent, with specific training and knowledge also in façade renovations in Barcelona. He is in charge of the optional management and is responsible for the proper execution of the works.
  3. A pre-ITE. It never hurts to carry out a pre-ITE. It is advisable that the owners ask the technician for a preview of the possible defects or deficiencies to include in the inspection report to assess them and carry out the necessary works prior to the issuance of the report.
  4. Public aid and subsidies. There may be aid or subsidies for the rehabilitation of facades in Australia and comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings, also at the state level.
  5. Energy efficiency. Not only are they “in fashion” but they are tremendously beneficial for the neighbors from the point of view of environmental sustainability and from the economic point of view.
  6. Be careful with the desire. Do not trust the Technical Inspections of Buildings in Barcelona that are very cheap. With this procedure, you do not play. Remember that the price of an ITE will always depend on the number of dwellings in the building as well as other conditions. In general, they are not less than 400 euros.
    1. The visa. It is recommended to ask whoever is going to proceed with the ITE of the collegiate visa of the building inspection certificate for greater confidence. The visa is mandatory in the final work certificates when the project is presented.
  7. Accessibility. Being up to date with the regulations is essential and your specialist in Technical Building Inspection in Barcelona should know it. If you are going to carry out works, renew the existing accessibility elements that do not comply with current regulations or install those that are missing.
  8. Special attention to the facade. It is a mistake to focus only on the internal part of the building, the rehabilitation of facades in the Technical building inspection in Australia is vital for the property to pass this process successfully. Nothing can fail.
  9. Works commission. If finally, the inspection report is unfavorable, it is recommended to appoint the commission of work in the General Meeting of Owners to present different budgets, at least 3. Putting the building on point is an obligation.

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