Digital advertising: why you should integrate sponsored articles in your online strategy

Nowadays, we can affirm with total certainty that the Internet has become, par excellence, the king of the media. His evolution, fierce and insatiable, continues advancing every day more not to stop surprising us.

And, as it could not be otherwise, the phenomenon of digital advertising has been growing-step by step-by its side, becoming in our days one of the most investment-generating media in the business environment.

And, is that, as we all know, the importance (and need) of being present in such a coveted medium, such as the Internet, makes it necessary to invest in online advertising, with integrate sponsored articles being one of its main derivatives.

Why make integrate sponsored articles in other sites

We can define the sponsored article as that post that is published on a web page or another blog, and that is designed to promote the image of a certain brand (advertiser), promote SEO positioning or generate traffic for your website. It usually has the presence of one or more links that redirect the user to the advertiser’s site.

integrate sponsored articles

What we have clear is that, regardless of the typology they adopt, the importance of sponsored posts is – without a doubt – essential in the world of search engine positioning.

And, despite the naysayers who do not support this type of advertising -at plead not generating leads and lack of conversions-, create a digital marketing strategy properly integrating this type of advertising, you can generate a high impact on traffic and a direct improvement of our SEO, with the repercussions that it has when it comes to attracting new customers.

Oh, but, yes! One thing we must have clear: it is very unlikely that, with little investment, we will obtain excellent results; what makes it essential to conduct a proper market study on those media that best suit our business.

And, when we talk about market research, we refer to, effectively, analyzing unique users, monthly visits, the bounce rate of the site, time of permanence, etc., And filter those that best suit our specialty.

All this may seem complicated to analyze if you are not an expert in digital marketing, but … calm! Because, nowadays, there are platforms that work to put advertisers in contact with media, saving you the arduous task of research and providing access to the most influential sites in your field.

integrate sponsored articles

Also, integrate sponsored articles have multiple advantages:

  • We reach a large number of users interested in a particular topic (if we filter by specialized and influential media)
  • In most cases, our article will remain in the network indefinitely.
  • It does not appear as explicit advertising but as a recommendation of a medium (which will become a positive image for our company)
  • It allows communicating, in a careful way, the message that the brand wants to reach its potential audience.
  • It will imply the amount of the investment agreed with the medium, which will be a single punctual disbursement. However, our advertising will persist. Unlike, for example, what happens with other types of advertising, in which, at the time you stop investing, advertising disappears.
  • And, last but not least: promote SEO positioning, with links being one of the basic pillars of this.

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