How to make a website design? 8 basic principles

8 principles of effective website design from Web Alive, Australia’s leading website design and development company

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1. Combine visual appeal with a business goal of website design.

When you browse the website design , you probably came across poorly designed sites. These are sites that make you feel confused, frustrated, or just bored.

The first site has too many vibrant, dominant colors. Purple, red and blue – all conflict with each other and distract from the actual content of the site. This design is difficult to understand and proves the lack of professionalism.

This demonstrates a lack of knowledge about users and leads to the fact that unhappy visitors do not want to return.

The following site has completely website design different visual effects. It lacks any colors or objects, which does not provide a visual hierarchy for the viewer.

There is no indication of what content should be in the spotlight. This design gives the impression that the website is under construction and will probably seem boring and confusing to the user.

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How to develop a website to avoid this?

We will reduce the answer to the following steps:

  • Record the purpose of your site. This could be generating potential customers, increasing sales or higher engagement.
  • Write down the niche of your site. For example, sports products, fashion and beauty, health, pets, or e-commerce products.
  • Choose the colors of your logo, background, website design buttons, banner and text, respectively. For the logo, banner and background of sites about fashion and beauty, soft colors are most effective: light blue or pink.
  • Red and yellow are the most suitable for food and drink (McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks are great examples).
  • Last but not least, post on your website information about your business goal.

These steps are the structure that facilitates the visual design of the site. These are not absolute, but useful guidelines that you must follow when creating your site. Feel free to experiment with different colors and styles if they match the goals of your business.

When it comes to design, layout, it can be quite complicated. To help you, we have developed some important laws on human perception that will help you build your site.

A. Visual hierarchy

This law states that the larger the size of website design the object on the website, the more important it is perceived and, therefore, the more attention it attracts. And vice versa.

The same goes for vibrant colors. The brighter the object, the more attention is paid to it. The same can be achieved using dark colors on a simple light background.

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